CHANEL launched 2021 Holiday Collection N °5

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CHANEL launched 2021 Holiday Collection N °5

With N ° 5, Mademoiselle broke free from conventions and revolutionized the world of perfumery.

CHANEL 2021 Holiday Collection N °5

A compound perfume, a bottle with clean lines and a simple number by name. When Gabrielle Chanel imagined N ° 5, in 1921, she created a fragrance like no other, which immediately made all the fragrances of her era out of fashion. With N ° 5, Mademoiselle broke free from conventions and revolutionized the world of perfumery.

An olfactory masterpiece that paved the way for modern perfumery, N ° 5 is the expression of unparalleled success, but also a fabulous story of self-determination. In 2021, for the 100 years of fame of this perfume that has become a legend, the Maison CHANEL has imagined a collection of exclusive limited edition creations.

N ° 5 Limited editions

For 100 years, N ° 5 has embodied the very essence of dreams, as well as the absolute freedom of its creator, which made its success possible. In 1921, Gabrielle Chanel chose for N ° 5 to keep only the essentials: the bottle, the packaging and the label are simple, without superfluous ornaments. N ° 5 becomes the most fascinating declination of the spirit of the Maison.
100 years later, CHANEL creates an unprecedented version of N ° 5 Eau de Parfum: for the first time, the bottle is made of recycled glass, without losing its incomparable purity, brilliance and transparency. The result of a long-standing partnership with the maison POCHET de COURVAL, a company awarded the prestigious French brand EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), this high quality glass is obtained thanks to an innovative recycling technology.

The packaging has also been redesigned: made of biodegradable paper, it is sensual to the touch and faithfully wraps the silhouette of the legendary bottle.

Finally, Mademoiselle Chanel’s lucky number, 5, is stamped in gold on the label of this exclusive reinterpretation. The same concept is applied to N ° 5 L’EAU, one of the 5 interpretations of the perfume, created by Olivier Polge, Parfumeur Créateur of the Maison, where the label is dressed in a silver number 5.

N ° 5 Holiday calendar

The shape is that of a huge bottle of N ° 5: this “holiday calendar” was designed as an authentic work of art, available in a limited edition. Far from being conventional, the calendar is made up of 27 boxes, numbered from 5 to 31: 5 like the perfume, 31 like the legendary address … And here it all makes perfect sense. The boxes contain some of the iconic products of the CHANEL Maison. Among the many surprises are revealed: ROUGE ALLURE in the limited edition inspired by N ° 5, LE VERNIS in a brand new red, a bottle of N ° 5 Eau de Parfum, but also a bracelet with charm in the shape of 5, a boule de new neige and other accessories inspired by the legendary perfume.


The largest N ° 5 format ever proposed by the Maison is available in only 55 copies, numbered by hand.
This monumental bottle is the result of the encounter between CHANEL’s creativity and Baccarat’s savoir-faire and contains 2021 ml of perfume. No number is left to chance: 2021 not only as the year of the 100th anniversary of N ° 5, but also because the result of the sum of the four digits is exactly 5. N ° 5 is presented in its most precious form, the ‘Extract: the golden color of the fragrance is enhanced by the purity of the Baccarat crystal bottle, whose diamond cut is obtained through an exclusive technique. Faithful to its original design, it is adorned with a white label and a faceted cabochon cap. Each of these exceptional pieces is custom made, engraved by hand, and is enclosed in a white leather coffret, with a design that incorporates the codes of the original packaging. This exceptional bottle is accompanied by a Baccarat crystal baguette, for an exclusive fragrance gesture on the pulse points, behind the ear, on the décolleté, on the inside of the wrist.

For the HOLIDAY 2021 collection, CHANEL’s Make-up Creation Studio drew inspiration from the codes of N ° 5 and celebrates the golden and amber color of the fragrance combined with white, black and red, the color of life.
Today, wearing N ° 5 means not only a sensual scent gesture, but also dressing the face in warm and luminous colors enhanced by the intense red of the lips. The emblematic product of the collection is LES 4 OMBRES, the eyeshadow palette reinvented in a limited edition whose colors are inspired by N ° 5. ROUGE ALLURE is also declined in a brand new packaging to celebrate the perfume. Opulent, sensual and glamorous, it becomes even more desirable.

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