Where to eat sweets safely in the mountains

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Where to eat sweets safely in the mountains

Guide to the best mountain pastry shops including strudel, krapfen and other delicacies...

For those who preferred the mountains to the sea this summer … here is a guide to the best “high altitude” pastry shops for a sweet break among the peaks.



The Hanselmann Café is a milestone in Saint-Moritz, a paradise of sweets that has been guarded since its origins by the same family for four generations. Pralines, birnbrote, trüffes, almonds, marrons glacées and the traditional Engadine nut cake are the characteristic products of the Hanselmann family.

Their production varies from chocolates to fresh pastries, from candied fruit to hot chocolate and then the rustic and the inevitable bread: traditional with nuts, fruit, cereals. www.hanselmann.ch


The “thread of sweetness” runs up to meet Mont Blanc. In Pré-Saint-Didier you will find a unique place to taste special sweets.

Established in 2013, “Croquembouche” is the ideal place to discover a whole “world” of fresh, dry, salty pastry, but also various traditional Aosta Valley desserts, all prepared with high quality, controlled and guaranteed raw materials, and with one more ingredient: all the passion of the owners Agostina Panena and her partner, the pastry chef Ivan Silvani. www.pasticceriacroquembouche.it


In the Dolomites, Pasticceria Genziana is the ideal place to give a boost of energy before an excursion in the mountains or to indulge in an evening pampering, thanks to its welcoming and familiar environment.

Handcrafted desserts, including apple strudel and sacher cake with an original recipe. www.pasticceriagenziana.it


There are places that remain in the mind and heart. San Vito di Cadore is a town embraced by mountains, imposing and majestic, which always offer sunrises and sunsets with poetic colors. Try to wake up early, when the dawn colors the Monte Pelmo with intense pink and the scent of donuts and croissants spreads throughout the village.

The Fiori family has welcomed mountain enthusiasts since 1910 in the famous pastry shop, whose desserts are made with ancient recipes jealously guarded. The refined and welcoming environment, in mountain style. It awaits you for breakfast, a snack or a simple stop based on croissants, crafen (hot, freshly baked even in the afternoon), apple strudel (according to the ancient and secret recipe of grandfather Giovanni), Sacher cake (with incredible melt-in-your-mouth chocolate!) fioridolomitesexperiencehotel.com


The art of pastry is a passion that the Garbujo family has been carrying on for more than a century, a knowledge handed down from generation to generation and always in constant evolution.

The company philosophy is still today based on the exclusive use of natural, fresh and top quality raw materials. www.pasticceriagarbuio.it

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