5 Special Cocktails for Summer

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5 Special Cocktails for Summer

Let's find out together which are the most exclusive and trendy cocktails of summer 2021!

By Tiziano La Barbera

Summer is usually the season of fun and carefree. Who hasn’t dreamed for some time of being seated in a good bar, surrounded by friends and with a delicious drink in hand to sip happily?


Oh My Mama is a tasty cocktail that comes from the genius of the two co-owners of The Clamsis bar, Athens, Kyritsis and Bakoulis. The drink consists of a Greek variety of fermented apples and an addition of room and spices. Rustic and familiar at the same time. If you have planned your holidays in Greece with stop in the capital, run to taste it!



If you are passing through Barcelona, you should definitely stop in El Reval, one of the most multicultural and folkloristic neighborhoods of the Catalan city. There, the Two Shmucks will be waiting for you, a bar whose menu is varied and diversified: the products range from Arabic to Pakistani to Catalan. One of its strengths, however, is the Curry Colada, a drink made from a clarified blend of rum, pineapple, coconut and Curry Madras. A perfect drink to brighten up the hottest summer evenings!



We move to New York, U.S. Impossible for a tourist not to go to Café Dante, which has always been an institution for the city itself: with more than a century of history, the bar is an ode to the past of New York hospitality, in pure Italian style. Garibaldi is the libation of order: a cocktail made with Campari and soft orange juice, an old classic brought to light that perfectly embodies the spirit of the place. A perfect mix of classicism and taste!



Kwānt is the winner of the London Essence Best New Opening Award 2020, and one of the most innovative and suggestive bars in the English capital. But what to drink once inside? Hacienda is undoubtedly the most particular and tasty cocktail you can find: a mix of tequila, vermouth, purple carrot fermented with milk, sherry, mezcal, agave nectar and lime. Very rich in ingredients but at the same time fresh and gritty: a great choice for the summer!



Zuma is one of the most popular and exclusive bars in the UAE, and therefore in the world. The Arab restaurant is always crowded with people from all over the world: the service offered is however impeccable. The style of the cocktails served has evolved over the years, but if you are in Dubai you should definitely try Joy, a “childish” style drink, composed of three different types of rum, with the addition of homemade buckwheat milk: delicious and at the same time “adrenaline”!


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