MAX MARA | “Microclima” by Eva Jospin


MAX MARA | “Microclima” by Eva Jospin

Max Mara entrusts Eva Jospin with the creation of a permanent site-specific work of art for the flagship store in Milan

The French artist Eva Jospin is the winner of a project competition launched in 2019 for the creation of a permanent site-specific work of art to be created at the Milan flagship store, Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

The goal, from which the competition started two years ago, is to enhance and relate the interior space of the largest Max Mara store in the world and the open space of Piazza del Liberty, the focal point in the center of Milan on the which overlooks the terrace that will host the artistic installation, offering customers, as well as the city and all the people who pass through it, a fascinating encounter with art.

The winning and high-impact proposal by Eva Jospin, entitled “Microclima”, consists of a glass and metal greenhouse, an architecture that encloses an intimate world and at the same time in relation to the outside. Inspired by the winter gardens of the late nineteenth century – a period in which the Liberty style that gave the square its name was established – this pavilion will host the staging of a landscape in paper and cardboard, a relief depicting exotic plant elements, enigmatic vertical rocks and a mineral substrate.

These organic forms will evoke nature rather than host a sample of it, as usually happens in greenhouses: there will be no real plants, but sculptures made of cellulose, the material that derives from them. The installation will be enriched by an olfactory dimension developed specifically by the artist in collaboration with a perfumer, to restore the immersive sensation of a tropical greenhouse.

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