CHOPARD | Red Carpet Collection


CHOPARD | Red Carpet Collection

Taking a cue from this imaginary universe, Caroline Scheufele used all of her creative resources to compose the Red Carpet Collection and the pieces that are previewed today.

Red Carpet Collection :”Paradise”, the origins of an imaginary journey

On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, of which Chopard has been an Official Partner since 1998, the Maison’s workshops reach the pinnacle of their creativity, reinventing the miracle of the Red Carpet Collection year after year. This goldsmith feat celebrates the passion Chopard has always had for cinema and pays homage to the actresses who embody its radiant dimension during the legendary montée des marches.

Paradise, the refuge of wonders
Paradise, the new Red Carpet Collection, is inspired by a theme that is very close to Chopard’s heart: untouched, generous and sublimated nature. It is a dreamlike and fruitful place, always accessible, which takes on different contours and where everyone is free to go and regenerate when they feel the need. A paradise to be found within oneself, tailored to one’s imagination and desires. A place where everything is possible.

To announce the baroque and extravagant spirit of the Red Carpet Collection 2021, Caroline Scheufele drew inspiration from the lush nature of the mythological or real spaces that populate her imaginary repertoire. It is a place of abundance, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, where precious stones are gathered like berries, where plants offer their fruits and animals enchant with their sounds and their chromatic richness.

It is a secret refuge, like the island of Pantelleria, with its volcanic rocks that are reflected in the crystal clear water where Caroline Scheufele loves to sink her gaze. A supernatural and fantastic nature like that of the film Avatar, a metaphorical space where you can find refuge, where you can escape from reality to catch your breath. Taking a cue from this imaginary universe, Caroline Scheufele used all of her creative resources to compose the Red Carpet Collection and the pieces that are previewed today.

The row of yellow diamonds designs an aristocratic double-wrap choker that illuminates the décolleté, majestically embellished with an extraordinary stone: a sublime 30.68 carat fancy vivid yellow diamond which, alone, seems to contain all the richness and splendor by itself. of this jewelry paradise.

Among the other creations in the collection, the “serpent” ring that transmits all the magic of the garden of Eden, and the delicate tsavorite sautoir with a leaf-shaped pendant that sparkles on the décolleté stand out.

The “dauphins” ring, lulled by the enchanting waves of a sea of ​​sapphires, makes small diamond cetaceans dance around an extraordinary 59-carat oval tanzanite. Finally, Caroline Scheufele imagined a bracelet with a multicolored graphic central motif, embellished with garnets, tsavorites and tourmalines.

The collection celebrates the extraordinary work of the artisans of the Chopard Haute Joaillerie workshops in Geneva, the largest in Switzerland. From the lines of the jewels to the volumes, from the work of the goldsmith to that of the setter, these craftsmen combine their talents to give life to this collection of seventy-four pieces, like the editions of the Cannes Film Festival.

Every year, the challenge of creating the entire collection within the same laboratory – no small feat – is taken up by these craftsmen who infuse all their genius and experience into each creation.

The Red Carpet Collection is the quintessence of Chopard’s expertise in classic jewelry and the symbol of a preserved tradition, supported by a new look and an authentic avant-garde spirit. Through this commitment that comes from the heart and spirit, made possible by the nobility of the craftsman’s gestures, an exciting collection inspired by the extraordinary journeys of the imagination is born.

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