CHANEL COCO BEACH film directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch

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CHANEL COCO BEACH film directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch

The sound of the waves, the delicate melody of Soul Alphabet sung by Colleen and the spectacle of the campaign film for the CHANEL COCO BEACH 2021 collection can begin.

In front of Oliver Hadlee Pearch’s camera, singer Angèle excels as a sunny and sensual heroine. The CHANEL ambassador talks about behind-the-scenes of the shoot: “Dancing on the sand, mimicking the gestures of a pianist… It was great because it was light-hearted, without being empty. It evokes everything I was feeling at the time: I didn’t get the impression we were working, but just living an incredible moment because all the people around me created this very relaxed and joyful atmosphere.”

A happiness that particularly resonates with the spirit of this summer collection.

Angèle fell naturally into the rhythm: “It’s always interesting to face the unexpected, to improvise, when you’re not a dancer, sometimes you take a slightly winding road and that makes for some pretty good results,” she adds. “It was free, organic. And with a spontaneous and sincere approach that totally corresponds with me.”

The CHANEL COCO BEACH 2021 collection will be available from June 15th in selected CHANEL boutiques around the world.

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