Follow colors of art in 5 restaurant

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Follow colors of art in 5 restaurant

Impossible to deny it, the experiential level of a perfect dinner involves not only the taste but also all the other senses.

The aesthetics of the dish, the art of decoration and presentation are the result of the care, creativity and research of the chefs, who by interpreting the ingredients prepare guests in a positive way for tasting.

The cuisine of the starred chefs, where in addition to the taste of the dishes and the refinement of the ingredients also the appearance and the art of plattering count, are also getting us used to considering the visual impact of food and the emotions it can arouse.
Here then is our top 5 of the best restaurants in the world that perfectly combine the combination of art&cuisine.

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese cuisine with quality, creativity and a warm welcome

The chef Hasegawa offers an elevated, deeply personal take on Japanese home cooking.

He draws on diverse influences, both home-grown and gleaned on overseas trips, but always based around prime ingredients from ocean, pasture and forest.

Vienna, Austria

A futuristic setting showcasing trailblazing Austrian cuisine

Reitbauer’s signature says everything you need to know about his outlook, being equal parts culinary theatre, precision and reverence for local ingredients. The freshwater mountain fish, char, is cooked at the table in hot beeswax before being returned on a plate with yellow carrot, pollen and sour cream.

Housed in a monolithic, architectural marvel of mirrored glass in Vienna’s Stadtpark, Steirereck’s design may be super-modern but the interior speaks a recognisable language of international fine dining.

Le Calandre
Rubano, Italy

Contemporary Italian cuisine in a restaurant with attention to detail

Lightness, depth of flavors, fluidity, respect for ingredients to capture the essence of the material are the cooking principles dear to Max. The menu is inspired by seasonal ingredients and is a map that leads to a multisensory exploration.

Alajmos Tiramisù in Pipa is one of Le Calandre’s iconic desserts, as is the perfectly spherical Almond Mozzarella, an explosion of almond milk and basil on the palate. Chef Massimiliano Alajmo’s latest signature dish is Cappuccino Murrina, which marries the colors of Venetian glassware with layers of surprising flavors.

Barcelona, Spain

A host of brilliantly conceived surprises delivered with panache and bags of flavour

Expect the unexpected: Gazpacho in sandwich form? Crispy egg yolk? Liquid salad? Hare bonbon? If such seemingly paradoxical dishes do not pique your interest, then Disfrutar is not the restaurant for you.
Who’s behind the magic? Three chefs – Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch.

In contrast to the hyperactive and avant-garde menu, which can run to over 30 courses, the dining room appears relatively simple and serene: light-filled, white and opening onto an outdoor terrace.

Menton, France

Mauro Colagreco’s unique cuisine is inspired by the sea, the mountains and the restaurant’s own gardens, including Menton’s emblematic citrus fruits.

The new ‘Lunar Menu’, inspired by the cycle of nature, is divided into four offerings (root, leaf, flower and fruit) based on seasonal adjustments. They include creations such as a delicate rose built with San Remo prawns, or a striking combination of cucumber and nasturtium.


Located at the foot of the restaurant, in addition to a majestic avocado tree, there is a garden that houses lemons, oranges, mandarins, bitter orange and grapefruit. On the ground we find wild strawberries, mint, chives, sage, oregano, savory, verbena and a multitude of flowers … a fragrant and colorful universe.



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