Burberry will be Positive Climate by 2040

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Burberry will be Positive Climate by 2040

Burberry sets a bold new sustainability goal by becoming the first luxury brand to commit to becoming Climate Positive by 2040.

Burberry sets a bold new sustainability goal by becoming the first luxury brand to commit to becoming Climate Positive by 2040, going beyond its current 2040 net zero target by investing in key initiatives to support wider efforts on climate change beyond its value chain.

A promise underpinning which there are several commitments that Burberry will fulfill on its journey towards Climate Positive. This includes reducing emissions by 46% along its extended supply chain by 2030 and developing projects to support others in carbon travel.

Burberry also announces its support for the Fashion Avengers, a coalition of global fashion organizations that have come together to inspire action to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Burberry was built on the desire to explore nature and the great outdoors that have been our inspiration for more than 150 years. Drawing on this heritage and guided by our creative spirit, today we set a bold new ambition: to become Climate Positive by 2040. As a company, we are united by our passion to be a force for good in the world. By strengthening our commitment to sustainability, we are going further in helping protect our planet for generations to come ”. Marco Gobbetti, Chief Executive Officer of Burberry

Burberry will also invest in initiatives beyond its value chain that support the world’s efforts to create a resilient, zero-carbon future:

• Invest in programs that protect and restore natural ecosystems that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

• Fund climate resilience projects that enable vulnerable and frontline communities to adapt to changing realities and protect livelihoods.

• By actively supporting what will be needed to transform the fashion industry, in partnership with NGOs, colleagues and policy makers.

The Burberry Regeneration Fund was established in 2020 to support a portfolio of verified carbon offsetting and insetting projects, enabling Burberry to offset and store carbon, promote biodiversity, facilitate ecosystem restoration and support communities’ livelihoods. locals. For its inaugural insetting project, Burberry is partnering with PUR Projet to implement a regenerative agricultural program with wool producers in Australia. The project works at the farm level to improve carbon capture in soils, strengthen river basins and soil health, and promote biodiverse habitats.


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