Biotherm | World Oceans Day

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Biotherm | World Oceans Day

On the occasion of World Oceans Day 2021, Biotherm, a pioneer of Blue Beauty, expands its sustainability strategy, announcing the launch of its new campaign: Live By Blue Beauty.

Biotherm | World Oceans Day . Never before have we felt the need to work together to create a better future for our oceans.

“Biotherm comes from water and wants to take care of it. We believe that it is not enough just to reduce the environmental impact. Blue Beauty is not only our philosophy, it is a path that progressively leads us to become, from a committed brand, to a totally sustainable brand ”, explains Giulio Bergamaschi, Global President of the brand.

The new Waterlover Hydrating Sun Milk complies with the ambitious goals in terms of sustainability: an ultra-fluid body milk whose eco-designed formula is more respectful of marine life, with a pack made by reducing the use of plastic by 43% .

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