MIU MIU plays with all the distinctive elements of the seafaring world

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MIU MIU plays with all the distinctive elements of the seafaring world

The coast does not mark the end of the earth, but rather the beginning of something new.

Exploration, emotion, a journey to new territories. Miuccia Prada plays with all the distinctive elements of the seafaring world – colors, emblems, attitudes – to create a Miu Miu Maritime collection, declining these expressions of classic, archetypal clothing through new and unusual shapes.

Silhouetted against the double blue expanse – the sky and the sea – the female crew of Miu Miu is immortalized by Johnny Dufort posing on the concrete ramparts of the Plage de Bon-Secours in Saint Malo, a swimming pool that juts out into the sea , where man meets nature.

From this boarding point, in the place where the water laps the land, the Miu Miu crew looks into the distance in eager anticipation – for a new beginning, a different season, another perspective, wider horizons.

As always, these Miu Miu women are part of a collective, a group, and here they are a fleet, an admiralty, united by their clothing, a symbol of the bond that unites them. The clothes are fresh, witty, alluding to marine clothing, though revisited through the magnifying glass of fashion. Traditionally masculine features – the sailor collar, the broad shoulders, the air of practicality – are extrapolated to blend with typically feminine details, such as gently rounded sleeves, lace details, ruffles, bows.

Created for the summer, the fabrics are fresh, light, simple: polka dot satin, poplin, resistant cotton denim – in navy blue, white, very pale pink, official red. Inextricably linked to nautical clothing, this visual language speaks at the same time of other worlds. Those details borrowed from children’s clothes and casual fashion of the past, today arouse in the subconscious a sense of youth, vacation, freedom. Maritime is about possibility – the beginning of a journey.


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