Miu Miu F/W21- Brave Hearts


Miu Miu F/W21- Brave Hearts

Together, the women of Miu Miu embark on a journey into the mountains exploring the landscape attracted by a destination unknown to us.

Collective strength, a communion of kindred spirits. For the Miu Miu Fall / Winter 2021 fashion show, Miuccia Prada talks about different groups, women’s gangs. The result is a unique spectacle, which in the past could only have been imagined: a journey through the mountains, a fashion show in the snow.

An imaginary ‘Miu Miu Mountain Club’ was created, in which the models explore the landscape of Cortina d’Ampezzo – in the heart of the Dolomites – and are immortalized in a film that represented a difficult, courageous undertaking. The story of an escape, a dream, in which fantasy becomes reality.

Together, the women of Miu Miu embark on a journey into the mountains exploring the landscape attracted by a destination unknown to us. The daring of the company is reflected in the audacity of the garments and the models are dressed to face extreme situations.

Just as the fashion show in the snow can appear unreasonable, so the garments represent a challenge to perception and context. The looks mix different purposes, different dreams and realities, to create distinct characters. Internal and external, protection and seduction: the intentions are multiple, as are the different identities present in every woman. And in turn, each of them is attracted to people that she feels related, with whom she forms a sisterhood. Side by side, they walk together.

With an intended practicality, the language of sportswear merges with fashion. Vernacular expressions of the mountain wardrobe, the garments recall the landscape. Faux teddy-bear fur, padded layers, ski hats and protective knit masks that frame faces, suggesting warmth and safety, embellishing what are tools of protection in a territory full of risks. Dresses in silk satin and lace convey a sense of delicacy and intimacy. Outer garments, inner lives.

When these languages ​​mix with each other, intimate tensions are created, an almost dreamlike condition, in which practicality is romanticized through exaggeration, fragility reinvented to become courage. Functionality can become beautiful and pleasant, and ornaments suddenly have a reason, a new purpose. Padded sportswear borrows its satin and pastel colors from lingerie patterns, slip dresses are made of heavy wool, with metal studs that make them look like imaginary armor, warrior underwear. Strength and fragility, courage and aggression. The realities present in our fantasies. Practical fantasies.


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