LOUIS VUITTON The Capucines | from mother to daughter


LOUIS VUITTON The Capucines | from mother to daughter

The Capucines Louis Vuitton, emblem of the understated luxury of Louis Vuitton women's bags, represents the seal of the indissoluble bond between mother and daughter for the 9 May holiday that celebrates it.

A refined and elegant bag, the Capucines Louis Vuitton owes its name to Rue des Capucines, a Parisian street where in 1854 a young Louis Vuitton opened his first real shop. An undisputed icon, it is synonymous with eternity and as such, the Capucines Louis Vuitton is elected to celebrate the boundless love that binds mother and daughter.

Today as then, Chiara Ferragni and her mother, Marina di Guardo, seven years after the first time together with the Capucines bag, again choose the Capcuines Louis Vuitton to celebrate the eternal love relationship that binds them inextricably, in some shots, in the background of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in the heart of Milan.



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