#VibrantlyAlive the new project of Acqua di Parma

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#VibrantlyAlive the new project of Acqua di Parma

New Blu Mediterraneo campaign is an invitation to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of life in the Italian Mediterranean.

Craftsmanship, the human touch and the fullness of nature come together in the new fragrance Bergamot di Calabria La Spugnatura di Acqua di Parma. A limited edition that comes from the use of a unique essential oil extracted with an ancient artisan technique, which makes the world of Blu Mediterraneo fragrances even more precious.

An ancient and exquisitely handcrafted extraction technique, from which a rare and precious essence of bergamot is born, the heart of a rich, luminous and full of life fragrance.

Picking the Golden Fruit par excellence, bergamot, in a sun-drenched field, gently rubbing its luminous rind and letting yourself be captured by its round and multifaceted scent.

A project long cherished by the Maison, which has always loved to preserve the most ancient and precious artisanal processes of the Italian micro-territories. The origin of this new fragrance is deeply linked to the bergamot fields of Calabria, where very few artisans in the world still practice the ancient sponging technique today. A fascinating traditional process, which involves the entirely manual extraction of the essence of bergamot. A true art that requires a long time and skillful, precise and delicate gestures.


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