Cult film The Shining serves as inspiration for ALEXA CHUNG SS21


Cult film The Shining serves as inspiration for ALEXA CHUNG SS21

ALEXACHUNG transports you into a distorted reality forS pring 21 with Vertigo, a collection that treads the line between the everyday and the just-a-little-bit-weird because, well you know....2020.

This season a collegiate aesthetic drawn from American movies of yesteryear skewed through the ALEXACHUNG lens with a quintessentially British twist serves as the backdrop for something altogether more surreal.

“Spring ’21 leads us into a slightly uneasy after-hours affair where reality blends with daydreaming and nightmares, evoking a certain irreverence which now feels synonymous with the ALEXACHUNG brand. Music and film have always informed how and what we design but this collection more than any leans into a David Lynch topsy-turvy world of glamour and misdemeanour. Creating patterns that pay homage to Kubrick’s carpet or Blue Velvet inspired necklines, there are nods to an imagined twilight zone which dovetails strangely with where we find ourselves now. This surreal global moment not far from a horror movie but this time with excellent outfits.” – Alexa Chung, Creative Director

There are traditional fluffy argyle knits in caramel, ivory and navy inspired by the film Heathers alongside sugary pink ruffle dresses and printed blouses. But lean in for a closer look and the ultra-feminine takes on a more sinister tone with prints featuring shadow hands, flowers that come out after dark and nightmarish repeating mushrooms.

Cult film The Shining serves as inspiration for colour and pattern in this collection with bold repeating lurex zig-zag knits in green and brown, a suede button up mini skirt and 70’s cut striped dungarees that wouldn’t look out of place on one of the characters.

A check raincoat and matching skirt have been laminated for a subtle shine while tea dresses have been covered with a tiny mushroom print. Other key items of note include a puff sleeve checked dress with bodice detailing, oversized V-neck knits and a biker jacket lined with red quilting just like one of our Creative Directors very own vintage finds.

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