Q&A with Muriel Piaser

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Q&A with Muriel Piaser


Founder of Muriel Piaser Consulting since 2011, she is at the head of Precious Room by Muriel Piaser, the meeting place for High Fantasy & Fine Jewelry Designers is a new concept as the most exclusive and intimate meeting point for the high fantasy and fine jewelry market in Paris from January 2019. A real opportunity to present a specially designed collection to industry experts and members of the fashion community.

How was your passion for the workd of fashion and luxury born?

I must admit that my passion for fashion is innate. According to my mother, when I was a little girl, I was interested in the whole world of fashion and accessories, a real fashion addict! I was fortunate to be able to make it my job. Thanks to the opportunities that I knew how to create and which allowed me to access my dream, in particular by joining the Jean Paul Gaultier house from the start of my career, are then followed by my professional experiences in Trade Fairs, International Fashion Week. For 20 years now, I have had the chance to explore fashion for my profession and thus contribute to the development of brands in their international business strategy.

What do you like most about your job? Is there any event in particular that has marked you?

I would say that every day contributes to making the woman that I am, I am carried by passion and daily challenge. I will rather talk about meetings and moments suspended in my life and this also thanks to all my trips which allow me to flourish and offer the best of myself to my network. Each day is a new challenge! The greatest reward for me is having respect for the profession! I enjoy the chance to do my job every day and share my expertise with great passion. I would say that for me the most important thing is to work with humility and to know how to question myself every day. I work with Passion, conviction and values. I m very honored to have created PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel PIASER since January 2019, the meeting place of designers and fine jewelry that come in complement of my business activities MURIEL PIASER CONSULTING since 2011.

What is your greatest satisfaction?

I have always had a guiding line, values and professionalism that have brought me, and I am very happy, to where I am today. For me it is not a question of being a powerful woman but rather to be respected by her work and this has always been my ambition. It is true that the Challenges have been numerous in 20 years and are not finished because on a daily basis it is about meeting the challenges that I impose on myself to meet the needs of my customers. My philosophy is to solve problems and not put off until tomorrow what I can do today! Maybe this is the recipe for my success! I am also a human woman who respects brands so a mix between business and emotional, that goes without saying! I am passionate by nature, I marvel easily and I am very positive. This undoubtedly allows me to question myself every day and to adapt to all situations. I have positive energy, I love helping and transmitting, this is my life!

What hopes, dreams and fears do you have for the fashion world after this COVID 19 Pandemic?

I would say it have to stay the same as passion, curiosity, the ability to adapt in between the physical and digital revolution, the new area of “Phygital” is now arrived more that ever. The brands need to love taking on challenges, working to develop a brand. I will tell my clients as the brands above all to cultivate their DNA, their storytelling, a good mix of product, price and marketing at this time.Today thanks to the power of social networks, it is indeed possible to acquire notoriety more quickly by building its "Business to Consumer" network, this is a real opportunity and an accelerator for brands!


Credit photo: Christian Lartillot


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