6 ideas to continue eating chocolate even as a vegan

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6 ideas to continue eating chocolate even as a vegan

For those who love to be sweet even at Christmas without giving up vegan

This handy little guide boasts a set of 6 boxes of chocolates that can help you make the right choice if the person you’re giving away is vegan.



Christmas edition: creamy vegan milk chocolate box, 20 pieces
Contains the flavours: truffle, caramel, hazelnut, orange fondant, and strawberry truffle.
Homemade in a 100% vegan kitchen. Hand wrapped in Stockport, Greater Manchester.
Plastic free packaging using compostable film and recyclable card.
For every 2 small boxes sold, a tree is planted.




Just when you thought CBD Chocolate couldn’t get any better…introducing…Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles sprinkled with Fleur de Sal, cradled in 78% cacao!
Available in a Single Box (3 Truffles) Net wt: 1.5oz per box, or Case of 12 Boxes (36 Truffles)
100% Biodegradable Packaging



Box of Truffles 8 units.
Gluten and lactose free.

White chocolate and milk chocolate with the best ingredients, none of animal origin. With the right touch of sweetness and a very creamy and smooth texture. The three intensities of dark chocolate are provided by Valrhona, a first-line supplier chosen by the best chefs and artisans around the world for their quality and wide aromatic variety.

• RICE WITH MILK: The delicious aroma of Grandma’s rice pudding, trapped in this delicious vegan truffle.
• CAPPUCCINO: The favorite of coffee lovers. A cup of delicious cappuccino with an intense coffee core with milk chocolate, an outer layer of white chocolate simulating foam and a cocoa powder coating.
• COCO: Authentic tropical flavor. Creamy heart of coconut and white chocolate.
• FERRERO: Welcome to Ferrero Vegano !. All the power and flavor of hazelnut chocolate inside this addictive truffle.



Vegan Chocolate Set “Merry Christmas” is a personalized handmade truffles for vegans and non-vegan people. Gorgeous chocolate truffles with amazing taste are packed in the original box and can be a pleasant gift in the brightest winter holiday.
Treat yourself and your loved ones with the delicious high-quality vegan chocolate made exclusively for you or your friends!

Merry Christmas Vegan Artisan Chocolate Truffles
• 25 pcs box of handmade vegan chocolates
• Free worldwide shipping
• 1-3 truffles can be personalized
• Each order comes with a beautiful postcard with your handwritten wish
• Gluten-free, free from eggs and animal products

• Pistachio
• Marzipan
• Hazelnut praline
• Rum + hazelnut
• Liqueur + cranberry
• Peanut butter
• Pecan
• Walnut
• Orange jelly candy or etc.



Assorted Bon-Bons (32 Pack)
This special healthy gift box is full of 32 raw, keto, sugar-free, organic, vegan truffles offered in an assortment with 5 flavors. Shipped in our insulated box to keep them fresh, even in the summer sun.

These new addition Raway truffles are handmade and hand-painted with the cleanest, delicious ingredients around.

• 70% Dark Chocolate Pistachio Truffle Bon-Bon
• 70% Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Bon-Bon 70% Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle Bon-Bon
• 70% Dark Chocolate Strawberry with Coconut Truffle Bon-Bon
• 70% Dark Chocolate Passion Fruit and Coconut Truffle Bon-Bon
• 70% Dark Chocolate Mushroom Truffle Bon-Bon



Raw dark chocolate truffles tasting

A refined package of truffles to make you enjoy a moment of absolute pleasure in the company of the wonderful raw chocolate. From the affability of the pistachio to the firmness of the chilli, a soft world contained in a casket that aims to conquer even the most demanding palates.
Each truffle is handmade with great attention in the laboratory, all products are made with top quality organic ingredients, sweetened with low glycemic index coconut sugar and made with processing processes below 42 degrees.

• Hazelnut truffle
• Dark truffle covered with pistachio grains
• Dark truffle covered with coconut flakes
• Dark truffle covered with raw cocoa
• Chilli truffle
• White truffle
• Coffee truffle

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