Darphin’s Stimulskin Plus Absolute Renewal Cream


Darphin’s Stimulskin Plus Absolute Renewal Cream

Botanical intelligence, scientific precision, absolute regeneration

With Stimulskin plus the skin is reshaped, smoothed, lifted, as if renewed. A sumptuous cream with a velvety texture that helps one sculpt the oval of the face and prevent the reduction of collagen through the botanical power of Sea Emerald. A precious botanical jewel, together with a complex of powerful peptides, in a luxurious formula with the best active ingredients for absolute skin rejuvenation.

Sea Emerald thrives in very specific conditions and precise temperatures. It is grown with care and harvested in limited quantities to protect its natural environment. Through a precise science and extraction, a precious alga becomes a botanical jewel. A new blend of three botanical oils is also included. Baobab, coconut and pumpkin seed oil that nourish and comfort the skin from within.

Esapeptides act on collagen proteins to enhance natural production, so surface lines appear smoother. Laminaria Digitata Algae works on elastin to improve the natural elasticity of the skin. Complementing both is a tripeptide to increase the production of the skin’s Fibronectin protein and improve cohesion. DARPHIN skin care experts have designed a unique stainless steel massage tool high quality to elevate the sensory experience of the new Stimulskin Plus Absolute Renewal cream, which works to reconstitute the volume and sculpt the contours, revealing a younger look. The heat-conducting reactive material gives a sensation of hot or cold in contact with the skin in the different phases of the facial massage. Its unique curved design caresses and cradles the natural contours of the face, neck and allows precise movements: to stimulate, to sculpt, to smooth.

The Stimulskin Plus regimen line includes: serum, mask, absolute renewal cream and eye cream.


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