The new manifesto post Covid-19 on Stella McCartney Spring 2021

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The new manifesto post Covid-19 on Stella McCartney Spring 2021

Stella McCartney's Spring 2021 collection is inspired by the idea of ​​the woman par excellence, casual but elegant, and is realized through an alphabetical poster, from A to Z.

A model that boldly expresses the Stella McCartney brand: a manifesto of future intentions, a map of the brand’s DNA. The eccentric collection picks up on Stella McCartney’s iconic moments, simultaneously evolving the natural ease and progressive femininity that have become the brand’s signatures. The collection communicates a functional style, balanced between sensuality and desirability and a dichotomy of silhouettes.

A to Z originated during the lockdown; a moment of pause that allowed Stella McCartney to reflect and question her own approach, rediscovering a renewed meaning. Each of the 26 letters inspires a narrative based on the values ​​that drive the brand, encouraging and reinforcing the concept of femininity.

The palette is rich in neutral and natural colors, light blues and grays, camels and creams, oats and soft pinks punctuated by shades of black and white. More energetic touches instead come from the use of intense reds, metallic golds for an evening glamor effect and lively watercolor and monochromatic floral prints. FFF garments complete the collection and come in different shades of brown and add comfort to the luxury.

The conscious eccentricity of the collection embodies an activist spirit, presenting interesting contradictions and combinations. Stella McCartney’s circular vision is expressed through limited edition patchwork pieces that use reused and reusable fabrics including an all-in-one denim, made with archive washes and a knee-length FFF spring coat that embody the utmost desirability with the minimum use of resources. This remix spirit continues through garments stitched with natural prints and heavy knits lightened with delicate lace.

The free spirit of Linda McCartney, Stella McCartney’s mother and muse, inspires vivid watercolor and monochrome floral prints on an all-in-one and midi dress, the centerpiece of this collection. Two zero waste dresses were consciously created with reused silk and forest-friendly viscose, intertwined with sheer tulle that gives a sense of movement and lightness. Another conscious touch: COREVA ™ ️ biodegradable stretch denim, found in jeans and a utility suit. A coat with a cow print pattern offers an emblematic sculptural silhouette.

Expressing a progressive femininity, two short gold-colored dresses tease the evening glamor: the first is presented with a double diamond silhouette, the other has a more mischievous character. Stella McCartney’s timeless British tailoring touch is found in a voluminous light gray ZQ wool dress, with high-waisted androgynous trousers and soft single-breasted jackets. Building on this dichotomy between masculine and feminine, the Stella McCartney woman is embodied in a black viscose blend midi dress, with voluminous and dramatic sleeves, which flirt under the high hem.

Stella McCartney’s Spring 2021 collection knitwear revisits the classic Stella with traditional British braids reinterpreted with a contemporary taste in sustainable wool. The thick, prismatic inlaid links are made dimensional through nature-inspired designs and embroideries, a handwork that honors timeless craftsmanship. Smooth, compact tops highlight athletic silhouettes along with a textured and embroidered vintage-inspired bustier.

Instead of always looking to the new, A to Z invites us to revisit and innovate the iconic models of exclusive accessories with a new eye. The iconic vegan Falabella bag returns to the center of attention in Stella McCartney’s Spring 2021 collection, presented in two new shaggy deer colors, light gray and biscuit and reinvented with an ivory crochet.

First proposed in Stella McCartney’s Winter 2020 collection, the Zipit punk shoe is revived seasonally as a heeled spring boot and pointy slingback with a thin strap in contrast to its signature zipper. Another nod to the Fall and Winter 2020 collections is the Emilie boot that returns with an above-the-knee length, while the iconic Elyse platform is reinvented as a high summer gladiator-style sandal. The large Falabella chain is also present in two new summer sandals, one flat model and the other with the heel. As always, all Stella McCartney shoes are vegan and cruelty-free.

The spring jewelry in Stella McCartney’s Spring 2021 collection features juxtapositions of pearls and floral inspirations, creating a connection with Mother Earth that passes through those who will wear them.

Always putting ethics at the center, Stella McCartney’s Spring 2021 collection tells a story full of sustainability, including limited edition garments made with upcycled resources and fabrics. As part of Stella McCartney’s ongoing commitment to fashion conscious, the materials the brand has always used include: forest-friendly viscose, regenerated cashmere, traceable ZQ wool, vegan alternatives to animal and cruelty-free leather and recyclable and biodegradable fur. KOBAⓇ FFF. With the knowledge that every action counts, all jersey and denim are made from organic cotton, with select garments in COREVA ™ biodegradable stretch denim.

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