Inside Beauty Backstage CHANEL SS21

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Inside Beauty Backstage CHANEL SS21

This makeup it’s very finished and matte in a pristine kind of way. The girls feel slightly untouchable.

Inside Beauty Backstage with Lucia Pica

What were your sources of inspiration for this makeup?
“It’s about a cinematic woman, the makeup look is a very exquisite masculine and feminine with a minimalist glamour feel to it. It’s an all-over matte look. It’s very finished and matte in a pristine kind of way. The girls feel slightly untouchable.

Can you describe the fashion show makeup?
All the finishes are matte, like on the eyes, lips and skin. On the face, I used a concealer LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL where needed and a powder compact foundation ULTRA LE TEINT as I really wanted the girls makeup finish to look very blurry, matte and pristine. On the eyes, I used two colors from LES 4 OMBRES mixed together, a grey from Blurry Grey’s palette and a black eyeshadow from Modern Glamour, to create a smoky effect all over the lids with a matte finish.

I brushed up and defined brows with a pencil, STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF and an eyebrow gel LE GEL SOURCILS. I finished with a black mascara LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL Noir, on the top lashes only. Then, I used a nude lip pencil LE CRAYON LÈVRES Nude Brun and ROUGE ALLURE VELVET EXTRÊME Modern, a matte peachy brown lipstick on the top. And that’s the look!

Do you have any professional tips and tricks to share with us?
The trick to get this look right is to put a base of LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL concealer all over the eyelid and then put the grey black eyeshadow directly on the lid, using the flat brush and patterning on all over the eyelid. Then blend it in the socket line to create that blurriness around it.

Is there a product that you particularly enjoyed using for this makeup look?
I particularly enjoyed using the compact foundation ULTRA LE TEINT, because it’s a creamy powdery foundation but it feels very light, like a veil. I really loved using it because it gave me that matte blurry finish I was looking for.”

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