LV Volt jewelry

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LV Volt jewelry

The new LV Volt jewelry collection created by Francesca Amfitheatrof, shines the spotlight on the letters L and V.

The iconic initials become a metaphor for movement, an allegory for momentum, an apology for the essential and a symbol of speed. Together they form an architectural project whose main lines become a unit of measure in a universal language, whose powerful graphic nature transcends boundaries and genres.

In the first chapter, L and V show themselves in their purest form. The lines cut the space, creating corners inside, in which brilliant gold and fiery diamonds play. The two capital letters join, divide, collect, fall, contrast, merge, stack, interact and complement each other, giving life to a symbology that explores light, space and rhythm through unexpected and inextricable elements.

The rhythm resumes, with more intricate intervals, in the second chapter. L and V become links in a chain with a myriad of textures, volumes, finishes and sizes. The initials materialize one series after another, emerging as prismatic figures, presenting themselves as tubular structures. The collection ends with an escape from the abstract, the two letters turn into claws to be stacked on the fingers and embroidered bandanas in motion.

In each jewel, Louis Vuitton craftsmanship finds space for dialogue with the precision of the stroke, the clean lines and the soft contours. By superimposing the graphic power of the leitmotif and the strength of the repetition of the initials, the collection for men and women draws its energy, beats its time, declares its rhythm and renews its pulsations from the aesthetics of abstraction, which has always been dear to the Maison.

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