Fashion Designer Michael Lombard Enters the Sneaker Game


Fashion Designer Michael Lombard Enters the Sneaker Game

This Fall 2020, acclaimed fashion designer to the stars, Michael Lombard, is stepping in to style with the debut release of his sneaker collection.

Dubbed as ‘The King of Leather” by the Huffington Post, the celebrity designer is now expanding his horizons within the fashion industry, as he includes footwear within his repertoire. By taking his signature leather-look,Lombard has transformed the high-top sneaker into a high-end fashion statement. The ML/20M Sneaker Collection features a sleek Black and White Hightop in Sheep Skinwith rubber soles.

The ML/15M Collection similarly boasts of two All-Leather Calfskin Hightops with rubber soles, which come in two colourways. The first is a stunning Black and Red Hightop sneaker with a complimentary side zipper and the second is a Black and SilverHightop sneaker embellished with spikes. Lombard “wanted to create an edgy sneaker collection that matched [his] fashion collections”.

The Michael Lombard Sneaker Collection will be available to purchase from his website Lombard’s designs have been featured on runways across the world, including at fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Several of Lombard’s exclusive collections are also stocked in boutiques across Europe, namely at Balthasar in Brussels, The Cherry Moon Boutique in London and Blushing Violet in Ireland. Michael Lombard is an artist of many trades who started off his career as a record label executive with Atlantic Records. Once he discovered his creative flair and passion for design, he set out to revolutionize the luxury fashion industry with his signature leather looks.

The native New Yorker, who has Portuguese roots, has an undoubtedly unique vision which merges contemporary fashion with high-quality materials.The celebrity fashion designer has dressed an array of stars including Paula Abdul, LelePons, Prince Royce, Tiffany Young, OVY On The Drums, Emilia Mernes, and Corey Taylor. His stylish leather designs have been featured in over 125 news outlets including Vogue, ELLE, L’Officiel, Style, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, Forbes, Galore, and Maxim amongst others.

Michael Lombard continues to push the boundaries with his innovative designs and,with this latest project, he aims to make his mark in the luxury sneaker world


ML Sneaker Collection Credits
Designer: Michael Lombard
Collection: ML/15M and ML/20
Photographer: Reggie Bell
Michael Lombard

Chris Deloatch

Jeremiah Johnson
Jewelry: Tigerbite Jewels
Assistant: Cassis Andrea

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