Louis Vuitton: the new men’s fragrance Météore

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Louis Vuitton: the new men’s fragrance Météore

A magnetic name, which evokes strength and light. Météore blends elements of heaven and earth, releasing boundless contemporary elegance.

The power of energy

In 2018, with L’Immensité, Nouveau Monde, Orage, Sur la Route and Au Hasard, Louis Vuitton decided to conquer new olfactory territories dedicated to men, the emotions they feel during the journey and their taste for adventure and escape. Today the collection has been enriched with a sixth exceptional composition by the Maison’s Maître Parfumeur, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, created with all his creativity in the atelier in Grasse.

Météore … A magnetic name, which evokes strength and light. A phenomenon that arouses fascination along its entire path, like fiery clouds that set the sky on fire, dazzling humanity. Every moment of life becomes an adventure beyond meridians and parallels, transcending time and opening up all kinds of possibilities. Each day reveals a new horizon, an ever-renewed opportunity to shine and resonate with intensity. To transform space into time, a minute into an eternity. You rediscover your life force, a wave of optimism that becomes a promise of fulfillment. When the trajectory is precise and defined, infinity seems within reach.

In the heart of the light

How is it possible to capture and contain such intense brightness? For Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the daring challenge is combined with his continuous search for freshness, which reveals a new perspective in this fragrance, in a crystalline, powerful and vigorous composition. Cavallier has selected the noblest of citrus fruits to give a lively energy. Calabrian bergamot, mandarin and Sicilian orange, pierced by a ray of light, project a cascade of sunny notes. Their exceptional quality confers unprecedented power; their infusion touches the very heart of the perfume.

“Here freshness is not just a starting point, it becomes an important vector, the backbone around which all the other elements are orchestrated and intertwined”, explains Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Among these is the Tunisian neroli, whose radiant character further increases the citrus brightness. A spice cocktail has a grand impact, revealed by a trio of peppers that sizzle and crackle, clinging to citrus to better capture their light. A pairing of Guatemalan cardamom and Indonesian nutmeg enhances the depth of the fragrance, giving it a distinctive resonance. The Maître Parfumeur excels in the game of contrast that reveals its textures on the skin. As a signature that adds a final touch of elegance, he selected Java vetiver, an essence amplified thanks to a unique distillation process. Stripped of its smokier notes, the ingredient shines in all its complexity, exhaling amber and fresh facets, spicy notes of grapefruit and moist earth. And so the noble, regal vetiver goes from shadow to light, dazzling along its way.

Météore blends elements of heaven and earth, releasing boundless contemporary elegance.

The new fragrance will be available from August 28, 2020 in Louis Vuitton stores and on louisvuitton.com

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