Pasquale Bruni seasonal Boutique in Porto Cervo

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Pasquale Bruni seasonal Boutique in Porto Cervo

A contemporary and intimate space capable of reflecting the soul and essence of the Maison

The wonderful beaches of Sardinia frame this little jewel, the centerpiece of the Costa Smeralda: Porto Cervo, chosen by the Maison Pasquale Bruni for the opening of the new seasonal Boutique, in the central Vicolo del Cervo. Famous for attracting the most demanding customers in the world, Porto Cervo offers an exclusive approach to European and international customers. A contemporary and intimate space capable of reflecting the soul and essence of the Maison, in which to create an even more intimate and feminine dialogue with the jewelry collections designed by Eugenia Bruni.

«It is always special to be here in Sardinia, a kingdom in which beauty and enchantment are sovereign … the creations come alive with a wild heart and embody their nature among the infinite blues, the emerald waters and the aura sunsets rose, “says the Creative Director.

Ton Joli, Petit Jolie and Petit Garden Sapphire are the protagonist collections of the new boutique created in partnership with Damiano Parati. The thriving and historic collaboration with the entrepreneur from Arezzo this year is also renewed with a further opening in Florence, on Ponte Vecchio, in conjunction with this on the island.

«The Maison Pasquale Bruni returns to the splendid Porto Cervo, one of the most exclusive locations in Italy with its partner Parati. In the elegant setting of the Costa Smeralda, the Maison opens a seasonal boutique that collects and offers the iconic pieces of the collections to the general public “, says Roberto Bocus, Global Commercial Director of the company based in Milan and production in Valenza. «This opening is part of a“ retail ”brand development process starting from the most prestigious locations in our beautiful country, with national and global resonance.» A special location in which every single element testifies to the creativity of Eugenia Bruni and takes up the themes dear to the Maison: the floral decorations and colors are in fact the living representation of nature, the first source of ideal inspiration for the historic Italian company born in Valenza in 1968.

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