Louis Vuitton and the Art of Travel

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Louis Vuitton and the Art of Travel

In a tribute to the nomadic spirit that has always characterized the Maison, Louis Vuitton has conceived a new version of the backpack trunk.

Designed for a contemporary explorer dandy and made in two variants, an elegant Monogram Mirror and a fairytale Monogram Cloud, the trunk can contain a camping tent in water-repellent fabric. The tent, which can accommodate up to two people, is decorated externally with Louis Vuitton’s timeless Monogram. Inside, instead, it reveals a Monogram sky, crossed by soft clouds, which immediately transport us on a dreamlike journey to adventure nights. Whether you are in a lot of exotic lands or if you have camped comfortably in your garden.

Celebration of craftsmanship and passion for travel that has always distinguished Louis Vuitton, the explorer trunk will awaken our spirit of adventure, but also our boyish soul. The version in shaded blue canvas, Monogram Cloud, with its bright blue color brings to mind an enchanting blue sky on a sunny day. On the contrary, the mirror version, Monogram Mirror, captures the sunlight, reflecting it and giving life to a nostalgic and dreamlike atmosphere.

An object that contains all the distinctive brands of the Maison, from the lozenges in blue or white leather to the emblematic locks. The interior covered in calfskin contains discreet compartments and the classic contone straps which, in the Monogram Mirror version, are immersed in the blue on which stands an LV-shaped cloud.

Presented for the first time during the Fall-Winter 2020 men’s show, the Monogram Cloud and Monogram Mirror trunks represent the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Created in Asnières, the first and historic Louis Vuitton atelier in France, the trunks embody the Maison’s traditional savoir-faire, going beyond the limit of portability and practicality typical of a trunk.


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