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Juergen Teller and Dovile Drizyte will share the books they are reading in quarantine and Isamaya Ffrench will share an exclusive make up tutorial.


In 1869, in the work Culture and Anarchy, Matthew Arnold defined Culture as “the search for our total perfection through knowledge, on all the issues that concern us most, the best that has been thought and said in the world; and, through this knowledge, turn a fresh and free flow of thoughts on our market notions and habits “. Today more than ever, we look at culture and creativity in our small walls, to show the best of what has never been seen, but which should be.

Through a series of images, videos and live streaming, we launched #MIRRORTHEWORLD, a digital campaign with the collaboration of artists, writers, poets, musicians, academics and activists from all over the world to create and share content with the aim of supporting the community creative and connect our audience with our culture and culture with new viewers.

For us this is an opportunity to show you the art and institutions we love to give space and time to some of the best that have been created.

‘The most important philosophical question ever asked is” what is a good life? ” A good life is one which mirrors the world. That means that you understand the world through art and culture. You understand the genius of the human race and you understand yourself in relation to it. You’re like a little tiny shard of mirror glass that’s exactly a copy of the whole world. You are very beautiful because you understand the beauty of the world and you understand the human race and you want to do your best. “ -Vivienne Westwood

#MIRRORTHEWORLD is a global campaign that aims to give space to creativity, art and the institutions we love. #ArtLoversUnite will share virtual tours, live streaming performances, literature, films and art as told by key institutions, curators, museum directors. A way to stay in touch with the past by turning our gaze to the past. Our #DIY series is a collaboration with our creative community to showcase their craft talents to inspire and inspire. Through #BuyLessDressUp we asked our friends and collaborators to share their favorite old and new looks, while through #TimeMachine we asked our community to select the favorite Westwood collections in their private collections, a journey through time through images, editorials, videos and never seen backstage images. #WestwoodFM will be the special weekend where we will share our emerging musicians, collaborators and stars.

 ‘Aristotle said:’ The acorn is happy to become an oak ‘meaning- each individual has a right to fulfill their human potential and to become oneself. This cannot come about by being self-absorbed but by freedom; freedom to follow one’s deep interest and engage with the world. I have learned that the art lover is a freedom fighter. Through art we have a profound way to understand the world. True art gives culture; we need art lovers. Culture is the antidote to propaganda. Our motto is: You get out what you put in. ‘ -Vivienne Westwood

For the launch of the campaign, Juergen Teller and Dovile Drizyte will share the books they are reading in quarantine and Isamaya Ffrench will share an exclusive make up tutorial.

ph credit:  Juergen Teller, Dovile Drizyte  Isamaya Ffrench


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