Fondazione Prada and Mubi launch: “Perfect Failures”

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Fondazione Prada and Mubi launch: “Perfect Failures”

Perfect Failures" includes cinematic failures, disappointing films for critics, innovative (or genuinely outdated) films for their time.

Fondazione Prada | “Perfect Failures”

“Perfect Failures” is a collaboration between the Prada Foundation and MUBI who take care of a selection of films that were strongly misunderstood at the time of their release. The review will be available from April 5 on MUBI, the online streaming platform for author films. The special project will be accompanied by a new section of the Fondazione Prada website where unpublished materials will be published, native content that will reflect on the streaming experience, information on the selected films and curiosities about the directors. The foundation’s film program makes use of new ways of fruition and public participation during the temporary closure of the spaces, due to the current health emergency.

“Perfect Failures” includes cinematic failures, disappointing films for critics, shocking deviations from established authors, perhaps hampered by difficult production, innovative (or genuinely outdated) films for their time. This cinematographic journey through the failures and missteps of important directors shows that the initial reception of a film does not correspond to the final judgment on its value. A completely changed cultural context, new interpretation tools, a greater critical distance between the viewer and that set of expectations that make up the original media context completely change the reception of these films, which decades ago were welcomed with confusion, rejection and repulsion. .

The film program will begin on April 5 globally with Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales (2016) and will continue with a curated selection of titles for each country where “Perfect Failures” will be available.

(stills 11806) Marlon Brando with Sophia Loren

In a historical moment in which shared cinematic universes and streaming services have revolutionized the concept of cinema, today’s viewers are simultaneously confronted with new releases and films from the past. This daily experience lived by a large audience generates visual horizons in which the present production and the history of cinema coexist in a continuous exchange. In this context, it is central to look at a new perspective or to discover for the first time these films that have marked a crisis or transition point for established directors or more experimental authors.

It is an opportunity to question the past and current functions of cinema and to reconsider its seductive power and its cultural role. The collaboration with MUBI reinforces the international dimension of the Fondazione Prada program, which is aimed at a large community, from the traditional audience of a cinema to the plural one made up of spectators “remotely”. In this way, Fondazione Prada continues its research towards new forms of dialogue with other creative languages ​​and ways of fruition and sharing with the public, beyond the solitary experience of watching a film inside a cinema.

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