In its third edition, Moncler Genius takes a further step forward by pushing beyond the product and entering the world of experience.


Moncler Genius continues to evolve by exploring new horizons, new categories and new approaches to communication to give voice to people’s creativity.
Times change and Moncler Genius changes with them. It is a dynamic project made of experimentation that goes beyond the confines of conventions. In Moncler Genius’ DNA there is the transformation and with it the decoding of the customer’s behaviors, expectations and tastes.

Moncler Genius unveils the line up for 2020 with the entry of JW Anderson into the creative hub.

With its uniquely designed aesthetic, the Northern Irish designer offers an interpretation of the modern brand that combines masculinity and femininity. With his progressive vision of a non-binary fashion, JW Anderson joins Sergio Zambon and Veronica Leoni for 2 Moncler 1952, Sandro Mandrino for 3 Moncler Grenoble, Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Matthew Williams of 1017 ALYX 9SM, Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara, Richard Quinn and Poldo Dog Couture.
In its third edition, Moncler Genius takes a further step forward by pushing beyond the product and entering the world of experience with the desire to bring emotions and connections from the digital context to the real world.
By breaking down its boundaries in exploring territories that go beyond fashion, Moncler Genius gives voice to people’s creativity.
The first step in this direction is the project developed with the iconic RIMOWA brand of suitcases that tells a new travel concept. With the Moncler RIMOWA “Reflection” project, an innovative approach is presented both from the point of view of technology and communication in the digital age.

The language of social media is brought to a real dimension by giving people the opportunity to communicate and create connections with those around them.

The areas of experience to be explored are unlimited. The ambition is to reinterpret the ordinary to transform it into extraordinary by inspiring emotions both in the urban context and in the mountains, where the brand has its roots. This is how the pioneering spirit of Moncler Genius 2020 is further enriched thanks to the expertise of the outdoor innovators MATE.BIKE, presenting an electric bicycle designed for extreme mountain terrain and also suitable for reaching snow-capped peaks. Remo Ruffini conceived Moncler Genius as a response to an ever changing world and customer. With the motto One House, Different Voices Moncler Genius offers its designers a creative context in which they can express their vision and the freedom to arrive, stop and start again, following the natural cycle of ideas. The founding principle remains motionless, the shape changes constantly. It is an open space in which contemporary creativity, even that of worlds apparently distant from the Moncler universe, is welcomed and inspired. Customer needs and expectations change quickly. Fashion and culture are constantly changing.
Moncler Genius is their seismograph, it never stops. In this context, Moncler Genius evolves, surprises and involves. Dialogue with the world is continuous and vital. Energy and innovation are the protagonists. Moncler Genius One House, Different Voices: uniting through creativity.


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