Stella McCartney Fall 2020 an Eclectic Collection

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Stella McCartney Fall 2020 an Eclectic Collection

The "sculptural classicism" exalts Stella McCartney's traditional and timeless wardrobe through an artistic lens.

An eclectic collection that lives on contrasts and contradictions: glamor by day, casual at night. In this season Stella McCartney’s woman is bold and unpredictable, she is not afraid of being herself. A magnetic woman who inhabits the world and acts with passion. The palette has a base of classic neutral colors: blue, camel, gray, black and white are punctuated by rich tones of intense red, sorbet yellow and lively shades of bright orange, cherry and fuchsia. The workwear line in indigo jeans is littered with splashes of bright jade and acid yellow. Brilliant metallic colors, blue and bronze introduce elegance into evening wear.

The “sculptural classicism” exalts Stella McCartney’s traditional and timeless wardrobe through an artistic lens.

Buttons with an incisive style fasten sculptural and decisive coats with curved lines, while the fringes dramatize and enhance the characteristic camel-colored coat. The pinstripe style dictates a professional look, softened by bare shoulders. The khaki two-piece dress, inspired by the military uniform and with exaggerated wide-legged culottes, is presented in a recycled Japanese polyester twill.

Post-production by Dutch Retouch.

Modern graphics sport a high contrast black and white.

The prints with hand-painted wave motifs on light chiffon and crepe de chine dresses are finished with an embroidered border that adds movement to the layered silhouettes. The seams enhance the body and are highlighted by holes, surrounded by glass beads in bold color-block and diamond-effect crystals. High contrast colors and abstract lines are defined on folds with an alternating tassel and recycled nylon effect. The novelty is a recycled polyester lamé that we find in pleated evening wear. Inspired by the lively archival items found in the wardrobe of Stella’s mother, Linda, here is a polka dot style with an ironic flavor; a mandarin-colored graphic print decorates the floating layers of crepe de chine. The styles are feminine and light, interrupted by contrasting colors and beaded fringes. A rich three-dimensional heart-shaped cloqué in layers of vibrant turquoise and crisp white creates a casual, evening look.

Post-production by Dutch Retouch.

The new jacquard with the “S” logo comes in brown and oats for the coats and apricot and camel for the tailoring.

The herringbone motifs enhance the needled felt coats, embellished with an eclectic mix of buttons. The herringbone theme continues in a doodle version in the KOBA® line. KOBA® made its debut at Paris Spring / Summer 2020 Fashion Week. Recycled and recyclable, KOBA® is produced with vegetable-based fibers that make this garment the most sustainable non-animal fur ever made. A wardrobe in other indigo blue, burgundy and black nappa leather transforms utility garments and trenches, enriched by decorative perforations with a hint of lace, characteristic of the brand. The knitwear is soft and voluminous. The tiger motif in transparency is boldly punk, while the soft coat with large panels softens the new “S” logo and the graphic motifs of the season. The ribbed knitwear, with its fringes with a dramatic tone, is sculptural. Among the accessories, the classic bag inspired by the traditional “doctor bag” is made of Alter-Vacchetta leather. The handcrafted bicolor braided handles add a touch of color.

The new ‘Froisse Bag’ has a soft silhouette, defined by its characteristic texture in soft alter-nappa.

For shoes, the novelty is represented by three key styles. Inspired by retro elegance and Gothic punk, the ‘Cage’ is a pointed shoe in alter-nappa that laces to the foot with a casual look. ‘Emilie’ recalls the silhouettes of the classic Chelsea boot and moccasin, transforming them with a large rubber sole inspired by grunge. The ‘Dancer’ refers to the brand’s characteristic flat ballerina, revisited with a kitten heel, raised heel and diamond sandal. Trendy heart-shaped earrings with exaggerated dimensions are carved with naive style in wood from sustainable sources, while oversized circular earrings alternate pearls and contrasting wood.

Post-production by Dutch Retouch.

This season’s men’s collection wants to explore the relationship between the Stella man and the Stella woman: a wardrobe to be shared in two. The jacquard with Stella’s “S” enriches luxurious double-sided coats with sculptural silhouettes. The workwear line leaves its mark with different shapes, in particular with the practical two-tone trousers to customize. The trousers meet organic Japanese cotton gabardine and recycled Japanese polyester twill with smooth alter-nappa patches.

The brand’s commitment to environmentally conscious fashion and a circular future continues

Through the use of sustainable materials throughout the collection. Solid is the use of organic cotton, sustainable viscose, ZQ sustainable wool, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, regenerated cashmere and vegetable leather. And COREVA® denim appears for the first time, the first biodegradable stretch jeans created using vegetable fabrics without plastic and microplastic.

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