Acqua di Parma creates Notes of ColoniaV

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Acqua di Parma creates Notes of ColoniaV

A passion for craftsmanship that resonates profoundly with the values ​​of Acqua di Parma and with the world of Note di Colonia

A subtle affinity of language brings music and perfume closer together. A similar evocative power, impalpable and profound. Aerial and invisible the olfactory notes, like the sounds of a symphony, vibrate in space and in the soul, multiplying emotions.
Parma water and Cologne notes. Suggestive and continuous counterpoints between the most loved works in the world and artfully orchestrated fragrances. A precious collection enclosed in a refined reinterpretation of the first Cologne bottle, with which the Maison pays homage to its historical roots and in Parma, the cradle of Italian melodrama, which in 2020 assumes the role of Italian Capital of Culture. To celebrate this important recognition, Acqua di Parma creates Notes of Colonia V.

Note di Colonia is inspired by the authors and works of worship of a musical genre that the contemporary public continues to follow with passion. Each composition reinterprets the bright elegance of Cologne and manifests itself as a fascinating musical and olfactory score. Notes of Cologne I releases the panache of “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici”, among the most famous themes of Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata. Notes of Cologne II has all the intense vitality of “Nessun dorma”, from Turandot by Giacomo Puccini. Notes of Cologne III is the triumph and majesty of the Marcia dell’Aida, another Verdi masterpiece. Notes of Cologne IV evokes the passion of “Donna non vidi mai!”, Poignant air from Giacomo Puccini’s Manon Lescaut. The musical inspiration of Acqua di Parma is now expressed in a new, masterful olfactory composition. Note di Colonia V was born, a tribute to one of the most famous arias of the Italian opera, “La donna è mobile”, by Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto.

In continuity with the artistic collaborations that distinguish the sensitivity of the Italian Maison, Acqua di Parma entrusts Virgilio Villoresi, a young and talented director passionate about cinema of the origins, the campaign of Note di Colonia V and the entire collection. With his dreamlike and almost fairytale imagery, the artist creates a light and sophisticated vision of Cologne Notes. A graceful dance inspired by the rhythm and melody of “La donna è mobile”. The protagonists are the five fragrances and the stylized silhouettes of the dancers, in a small film that links its charm to the entirely manual execution of each element. The silhouettes of the dancers and the scenography, inspired by the Teatro Regio di Parma, and completely in white to create an even more dreamy and delicate atmosphere, are made with meticulous care by the director himself and mounted in film sequence according to the stop motion technique. A passion for craftsmanship that resonates profoundly with the values ​​of Acqua di Parma and with the world of Note di Colonia

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