5 Dream Spa where to spend the Christmas holidays

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5 Dream Spa where to spend the Christmas holidays

The best spas where you can find peace and wellbeing

If you are looking for last second ideas for your Christmas holidays, the answer is only one: you need a relaxing SPA retreat. From the Dolomites to Spain, with a trip to Paris and Switzerland, we discovered the most beautiful wellness treatments between wild nature and relaxation.




To teach new lifestyle habits with the aim of improving general health, and to continue the learning process after the individual returns home – thanks to the knowledge and healthy lifestyle habits acquired at SHA. To achieve a state of perfect relaxation and disconnection in an ideal setting. Recover general well-being through an great experience of learning and disconnection in an ideal environment

La Réserve Spa Ramatuelle



The exceptional environment of La Réserve Spa Ramatuelle promotes a profound and sometimes long-forgotten sense of wellbeing. The sight of the sea, the soft breezes of the South, the surreal beauty of the location, the omnipresence of surrounding nature: all the essential elements are united to enable you to savor an almost organic form of happiness, and to feel yourself in entirely in tune with the world. Another world…

Clinique La Prairie

CLARENS – Switzerland


Clinique La Prairie’s commitment is to help and inspire guests to live a healthier, longer and better life.

Holistic approach to medical wellbeing uses a combination of progressive medical expertise, internationally trained SPA therapists and an exciting collection of traditional and alternative philosophies. Programs are created to enhance life to its fullest potential, fulfilling every physical, psychological and emotional need.

Asia Spa Leoben

LEOBEN, Austria


Doing something good for the body, releasing tensions and building up energy is the main focus of applications in the wellness and cosmetics sector. The wellness offer ranges from classic wellness treatments to special Asian treatments such as Shiatsu or Nuad Thai.

Lefay SPA



The Lefay SPA Scientific Committee has created a wellness method that is born from the union between Classical Chinese Medicine and western scientific research. This union is the basis of the Lefay SPA Method Health Programs, customized according to individual needs, to achieve complete psychophysical well-being and pursue different goals.



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