Lapo Elkann for Vestiaire Collective


Lapo Elkann for Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective announces the special sale with Lapo Elkann, the proceeds will support the LAPS Foundation projects.

Lapo Elkann will be the protagonist of the next special sale online since December 16th launched by Vestiaire Collective. The creative, philanthropist and entrepreneur has, in fact, decided to sell some iconic pieces of his wardrobe in order to support the LAPS Foundation – FREE ACADEMY OF EXPERIMENTAL PROJECTS – which he himself founded, and in particular an experimental project created to deal with internet, smartphone, video game and social network dependencies.

Vestiaire Collective, a leading website in the global resale of luxury pre-loved items, will handle the sale of items personally selected by Lapo.
“I believe in sustainability and for this I would like to inspire and encourage young people to make informed choices that can help save our planet,” said Lapo Elkann. “Second-hand is a creative way to transform articles that we no longer use into something more precious, giving them a second life, and that is why I chose Vestiaire Collective as a partner of this project. Buying vintage pieces also guarantees a unique look. I am very sensitive to the theme of green marketing. Like “Garage Italia” we have just presented, for example, the Panda 4×4 Icon-e, the second proposal – after the success of the Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e- of the project that aims to give historic cars a second life through electrical redevelopment.

I want to make sure that young people understand how important it is to respect the environment in every field. Another cause that is very important to me at the moment, and which always involves young people, is the conscious use of technology. This is why I decided that all the profits from this sale go to mine Foundation that supports a project that has the dual purpose of preventing Internet addictions, smartphones, video games and social networks and of “recovery” of minors who suffer from this disorder. A problematic and compulsive use of technology, in fact, can ruin a person’s life and it is right to work to improve the world in which we live “

Lapo has selected special gifts for Christmas

Lapo has selected – with the creativity that sets it apart in every project it supports – a mix of items that range from sartorial clothing to street-style pieces, such as limited edition t-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers. A selection that has the ability to bring, therefore, different personalities to the special sale and that is also ideal for those in search of a sustainable alternative to complete their look or a unique and special gift for Christmas. After the success of the previous special sales, Vestiaire Collective is excited to be able to collaborate with Lapo Elkann, to give its entire community the opportunity to buy a piece of its iconic wardrobe and thus help support its LAPS foundation. Being an e-commerce company closely linked to the new generation, Vestiaire Collective immediately embraced the idea of ​​entirely devolving the profit from sales to a cause that aims to teach people to use the Internet consciously.

Buy the exclusive selection of clothes and accessories by Lapo Elkann starting December 16th on and help support LAPS.

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Ph credit: Guido Taroni


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