Bottega Veneta in Miami by Daniel Lee

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Bottega Veneta in Miami by Daniel Lee

The two floors are connected by an ideal chromatic and serenity sense to seal the meeting between Miami's Design District and Daniel Lee's Bottega Veneta vision.

Bottega Veneta opens its first shop in Miami, the first realized by the Creative Director Daniel Lee
“I wanted to create a unique store of its kind, in which Miami and Montebello were founded by creating a space characterized by a modernity in colors and in the sense of quiet and joy. “

Daniel Lee, Creative Director, Bottega Veneta.

The contrasting materials inspired by processes, from purity, from color to brightness define the new space of Bottega Veneta.
The goal is to create maximum brightness, raising a sought-after beauty and showing the product in total transparency.
Outside, the Chianti Verde logo adds a touch of sophistication to the rough facade.
A bright green glossy frame is balanced by an oversize brass buckle reinterpreted as a handle.
The interior finishes show a combination of raw and sophisticated materials; plaster and marble, cement and brass, plywood and leather, resin and reclaimed wood.

The Terrazzo Palladiano flooring is characterized by a combination of different marbles such as Verde Guatemala, Bianco di Carrara, Verde Alpi and Nero Marquina, while the shelves appear white as empty canvases on which to present the products.
The accessories are displayed on Bottega light blue tables, the ready-to wear is hung on bars fixed by marble slabs with the woman on the ground floor and the man on the upper floor while the eyewear is exposed between blue mirrored panels.
The marble and pink chalk staircase leads to the intensity of the floor made of reclaimed wood on the upper floor.
A leather-padded bench in an intense ocher shade and a table in Murano glass and blue resin are placed on custom-made rugs with yellow and orange details.
The two floors are connected by an ideal chromatic and serenity sense to seal the meeting between Miami’s Design District and Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta vision.

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