Mercedes-Benz “How To” fashion story with Rina Sawayama


Mercedes-Benz “How To” fashion story with Rina Sawayama

Mercedes-Benz presents a new chapter of the "How To" fashion story with Rina Sawayama in Mexico City

Rina Sawayama, musician, model and actress, was the protagonist of the penultimate stage of the Mercedes-Benz fashion story “How To”. In Mexico City, on the occasion of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (7-11 October), the eclectic Anglo-Japanese artist has learned new artistic and technological techniques through which to transform beauty into the digital age.

Mercedes-Benz has its own interpretation of the concept of beauty beyond the classic aesthetic canons. From the CLA car to the recent EQC, Mercedes-Benz explores the aesthetics and the various possibilities to express it in a modern key. Inspired by this philosophy, Rina’s participation in the “How To” campaign is inspired by her artistic experience as a musician, model and actress and her brilliant lyrics that draw on the fascination of technology and explore the complex relationship with the virtual world.

During the “How To” event, Rina learned from the best experts in the field. During the day he worked with real pioneers such as make-up artists Lyle Reimer and Sweet Mutuals and with hair stylist Evanie Frausto, who look to a new dimension of beauty, giving each a personal interpretation. Each expert gave birth to his own idea of ​​modern beauty, ranging from an abstract scenario to an avant-garde one, celebrating with Rina beauty as a form to express and to love oneself. Once each look was completed, a photo shoot documented Rina along with some local models as they expressed various shades of beauty. During the activities the protagonists wore looks of some Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talents designers such as Julia Seemann, Amesh Wijesekera, Sandra Weil, Vivetta, DB Berdan, Benito Sanchez, Nobi Talai and William Fan.

Mercedes-Benz How To with Rina Sawayama

The next day all the images were collected and presented in an exhibition, as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City. The collective dimension of this initiative has further underlined the concept of non-canonical beauty. By giving proof of the techniques learned in re-imagining beauty, Rina, the experts and models interacted with the guests, explaining their creative process better. Samirah Raheem, whose name is linked to the concept of “body positivity”, was the moderator of the talk with Rina, Lyle, Sweet Mutuals, Evanie on the theme of modern beauty.

During the Bettina Haussmann event, Head of Branded Entertainment of Mercedes-Benz Cars said: “Identifying creative talents and emerging cities is what is most important to us in the context of Mercedes-Benz’s global commitment to fashion. We are honored to have hosted Rina, an icon in the music scene and now also in the fashion scene, at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City to launch one of the chapters of our fashion story How To. We are pleased to see how each of the protagonists of the How To chapters has interpreted the challenge in an absolutely captivating way; from self-expression to upcycling and – now – the exploration of beauty in a modern and inclusive key “.

Speaking of his experience, Rina Sawayama said: “It is surreal to be here during the MBFW in Mexico City and to be inspired by people and architecture. It was a truly transformative experience to be able to creatively reinvent what beauty can be, learning from a cast of international and local artists, especially with a partner like Mercedes-Benz “.

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