5 books to read under umbrella

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5 books to read under umbrella

Silva Rerum– Kristina Sabaliauskaitė

A SILVA RERUM (“forest of things”)– a family chronicle filled in by each passing generation, where in addition to significant events such as birth, wedding and death, were being noted various poems and secrets, hidden between waxed paper sheets.  The novel takes place in 17th  century Vilnius and narrates the fate of the noble family-a gripping story of fatal love between  young nobleman and lady, who, in order to save her body after death, decided to become a nun. It is also about deeply rooted superstitions, freedom of will and what it takes to look in the eye of the Vilnius Basilisk – the legendary creature with a lethal glance. Don’t miss an opportunity to discover the sins of the Baroque human soul!

Shadow Princess– Indu Sundaresan

The birth of the fourteenth child of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan costed the mother life. After losing his beloved wife, the Emperor’s hair turned white overnight and he embodied his suffering in a spectacular building called Taj Mahal. Shimmering silk and muslin, sparkling diamonds, burning incense, goldfish floating in a pond, thick Persian carpets, wind blowing the scent of flowering trees and oil lamps at night illuminating the mountains of cushions, fans and the dancers. History blends in with the tale, and the door of the jeweled cage opens …

Frida Kahlo : ‘I Paint my Reality’- Christina Burrus

While many of the books in this list are fictional, we couldn’t resist this “nonfiction literary masterpiece”. The story follows free-spirited painter Frida Kahlo, whose works blend together cruelty and wit, honesty and bravado, pain and inspiration. She painted her own reality challenging the bloodthirsty existence and inspiring hope for the future to all of us.  It is the book of revelation. An incredible combination of intoxicating love to art and agonizing pain.

Zócalo’s 20

Black Leopard, Red Wolf– Marlon James

The first part of The Dark Star Trilogy, inspired by African myths and legends.  According to book author Marlon James, you need to write those books that you want to read yourself, that is why he chose fantasy genre. The novel  follows Tracker, a hunter who’s been hired to look for a boy who disappeared years earlier. Searches will lead him to ancient cities and impassable forests, turn into clashes with monsters  and arise more questions than answers .

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns– Lauren Weisberger

The Devil Wears Prada fans,we have got a  literary obsession for you too! The writer  Lauren Weisberger wrote the continuation of the story of journalist Andy Sachs and her extravagant boss Miranda Priestley.  Now the plot focuses on preparing the girl for the wedding, as well as a new round of relations with the editor of a fashion magazine. The book is read in one breath, leaving  a pleasant aftertaste, as if you walked through the streets of New York, talking with a friend.

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