5 revolutionary products to rehydrate the skin in summer

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5 revolutionary products to rehydrate the skin in summer


Everyone needs a little more care for their skin on the summer. Sun, air conditioners and heat can easily dehydrate skin. There are a few options of products which you can choose: body oils, moisturizers, serums and others. There are several ways to distribute them into categories but probably the best one is to sort them by their ingredients. Today we are going to talk about three groups of moisturizers.

First group is emollient dominant products which we usually call lotions: they are very light, watery in consistency and absorbs really quickly. They are great for a general beautiful skin maintenance, but they will not help you with spots of a really dry skin. There is an example of this type of moisturizer.

Other group of products are called humectant dominant. They are a little bit thicker, helps to keep water in the skin and also absorbs really quickly. Like the ones, mentioned before, these ones are also not enough if you are dealing with a really dry skin, but they are perfect for general maintenance. These are examples of this kind of moisturizers.

The last group of moisturizers are body oils. They work perfectly after a bath or shower in summer, then you want to keep all that water on your skin. Also, they are great companions if you are having a massage!



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