Reflections of fashion in photography festival “Les rencontres d’Arles”

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Reflections of fashion in photography festival “Les rencontres d’Arles”


“Les rencontres d’Arles” is a photography festival created by photograph and image enthusiasts, Lucien Clergue, Jean-Maurice Rouquette, Michel Tournier and others. It is organized each year since 1969 in Arles city which is in the south of France. There meets all the greatest photographers of the year where on a first week of the festival creators not only show their works, but also have conferences and debates.

This year the winners in photography festival are:

Evangelia Kranioti, who won the Madame Figaro Photo Award

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Máté Bartha & Laure Tiberghien, winners of the Louis Roederer Discovery Award


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Alys Tomlinson who won the Audience Award

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And Anna Lim, winner of the Photo Folio Review Award.

This year you can see some fashion changes through the years. For example, in exhibition “La Movida” created by Alberto García-Alix (1956), Ouka Leele (1957), Pablo Pérez-Minguez (1946-2012) and Miguel Trillo (1953) we can see and feel the changes in 1978-1988 Spain fashion.

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One more exhibition, which brings us to the fashion past is called The House made by The Anonymous Project. This exhibition idea was to show what an important role our house plays in each of our live. Here you can also see some of stylish looks from the past.


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Also, one more very impressive exhibition is Painted Ladies, created by Valerie Berlin. It connects photography and painting, figuration and abstraction, and reality and fiction.

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