Gab+Riel SS20


Gab+Riel SS20

The cloakroom of this collection revolves around three key moments : "Day", "home" and "evening".

The first collection of the Parisian brand Gab + Riel brings us on a journey thanks to a line of clothing reflecting a spirit of assu-
rancid mingled with relaxation and comfort.

Inspired by the lifestyle of the traveler still in transit, this collection endeavors to devote as much importance to the ease of its movements as to the serenity of its senses. Sport, from the 20s to today, naturally finds a place of choice and strongly marks Gab + Riel in each of its details, finishes or reasons. Specific to sport codes, the stripe is for example different ways in the collection: trouser weaving, printing Mesh jacquard, lapel of jackets and even the Gab + Riel logo, a nod to this motif.

The cloakroom of this collection revolves around three key moments : “Day”, “home” and “evening”. Each of these key moments characterized by the development of a dedicated line composed of t-shirts, tracksuits and hoodies for “home”, more generous volumes with a revisited version of the streetwear “day” high-end and finally a sewing part including jacquards and embroidery entirely handmade for “evening”. The entire collection is designed and fashioned in workshops Parisians. A craftsman’s job where everything is meticulously assembled, woven and embroidered by small hands whose only know-how allows such a precise result.
Each subject is conceived, designed and developed specifically for Gab + Riel around the world: from Japan to Italy by the way by the United Kingdom and France, while sometimes drawing inspiration from the female couture. Gab + Riel is defined by a mix of clothes marrying style  assertive, sportswear inspirations and couture making to the French heritage.

There are structured bombers or a bathrobe trench that we recalls the comfort of one and the chic of the other. A kimono blazer that
you can tie inside or a reversible silk jacket embroidered with a lemon: true symbol of this luxury-inspired wedding and sportswear illustrated through the lemon slice of a Perrier after a round of golf or a glass of vodka at a hotel bar.

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