4 luxury destinations for a holiday in Sicily

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4 luxury destinations for a holiday in Sicily

A sea which whispers tales of an Africa that is closer than we ever could have imagined...

If the desire to plan your next vacation in Sicily is taking over… discover our selection of holidays and start to dream!


A Sicilian hideaway that fuels the imagination
Set in the heart of Taormina, Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo serves up views that have enchanted for more than a century
The first hotel to be built in the city gazes out across the coast towards Mount Etna and beyond. Here you can breathe in the full spectacle of Sicily. Bask in manicured gardens, savour sensational cuisine and fuel your imagination with cocktails on the Literary Terrace—just like generations of celebrated guests before you.



Ancient 800 Baglio in one of the most beautiful islands of Sicily, Favignana. The conservative restoration carried out and strongly desired, shows a structure full of charm and peace that we find in the court and in the Arab garden. Ten suites, each one is the result of travels and objects that tell the atmosphere of a Sicily full of magic and perfumes. Some suites are gathered in the quiet of their gardens, while others range with the sea view of Favignana.



Unique, Sicilian-style accommodation in the heart of the historic centre of Palermo. Guests who choose Butera 28 Apartments will have the rare opportunity of living in an extraordinary and beautiful setting, surrounded with Sicilian history, literature and culture.

Butera 28 Apartments are situated in a unique location, Palazzo Lanza Tomasi, an 18th century listed building in the Kalsa quarter, the heart of the historic centre of Palermo. The Palazzo faces the wonderful bay of Palermo and was built atop the 16th century Spanish city walls. It remains the only lived-in palazzo in Palermo overlooking the sea.

Sicilian cooking lessons

A Day Cooking with the Duchess is not simply a Sicilian cooking lesson in an extraordinary location.

It’s an inspirational and rewarding experience in a fabulous 18th century Palazzo by the sea, the last home of Prince Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the world-famous novel The Leopard.

What better surroundings to begin a captivating journey into the wondrous world of Sicilian culture and food? The Duchess of Palma will accompany you in the morning to the colourful Il Capo market to find only the freshest ingredients of the season, and will illuminate some of the myriad hidden treasures of exotic Palermo, one of the most intriguing cities of the Mediterranean. At the market you will see and smell the array of wonderful freshly caught fish, the just picked fruit and vegetables, the vibrant colours of the famous Sicilian citrus, the spices and the wood-oven baked bread topped with sesame seeds.

Back at the Palazzo, you will be taken to the organic gardens on the luscious terrace to pick fresh herbs, flowers and lemons that will enhance both the flavours and the uniqueness of your dishes. Then, in the welcoming kitchen, you will create a mouthwatering Sicilian menu under the Duchess’s expert guidance. Afterwards you will enjoy the fruits of your labour in the comfort of the Palazzo’s elegant dining room. White-gloved waiters will serve you the delicious Sicilian dishes you have created. To end the day in style you will be taken on a fascinating tour of this truly magnificent, lovingly restored Palazzo, where you will have the rare privilege of seeing the original handwritten manuscript of the Prince’s enduring masterpiece, The Leopard.



An exclusive, timeless place, synonymous with luxury and tranquillity, a place to discover the many contrasts of the island of Pantelleria. Stylish suites of Sikelia housed in ancient dammusi dwellings bring together strict monastic interior architecture and refined contemporary elegance.

The elegant and stylish cuisine showcases the authentic flavours of rural tradition, and the Arabic garden is a place to get lost in the ancient rituals of grape therapy and rediscover the slow rhythms of the earth.

This is Pantelleria, the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean, a place to discover and respect, with its dark rocks carved by the wind, its sharp forms softened by the roundness of the white dammusi dwellings, its natural hot springs and rejuvenating mud, the precious legacy of the volcano from which the island originated. And finally the sea, an intense blue, in which to get lost and dream. A sea which whispers tales of an Africa that is closer than we ever could have imagined.


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