Fashion Trends Still to Emerge in 2019


Fashion Trends Still to Emerge in 2019


Fashion trends are always changing, and what we wear depends on that season. However, we are so easily influenced by celebrities and models wearing the clothes that we need to be realistic and aim for what we can afford. This can be done by easily recreating outfits from high street shops, as these shops are always on the cutting edge of fashion, just like the high-end designers, but for a fraction of the price!
At the end of last year, when the Spring/Summer 2019 fashion shows were happening, most of the designers carried on the theme of female empowerment in that ‘be yourself’ was the key message. With that in mind, many of the trends we have seen so far this year are about accentuating what woman have and focusing on their unique identity, not one that has to be dictated to in terms of fashion.

Being Bold
Pastels, bold colours, feathers and leopard prints are big in the fashion industry, and we can expect to see even more of those designs coming through for the summer months, as they translate beautifully into summer dresses and skirts, especially as people, are fed up of jeans.
As these styles have not been saturated over the past few years, they still feel fresh and on trend so are likely to last the distance as they have staying power for the following year.

Neon Brights
Following on from bold colours are the neon brights that are paving their way confidently into 2019. Neon colours such as pinks, greens, and purples were all the rage in fashion week and are the type of style that can be added either as a clothing item or as an accessory such as a neon purse, hat or shoes. Look for inspiration at womens fashion online or blogs to see how you can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

What’s beautiful about leather is that it is a real ‘dress up’ or ‘dress down’ kind of fabric. This is because from skirts to dresses and leggings, all of these items can be made to suit the style you’re looking for dependant on how you accessorise them. This also means it’s resilient to the ever-changing world of fashion as it can be so flexible to your needs.

Fanny Packs
Who knew that this beauty was going to make a return to the runways? But, that’s the beauty of fashion in that it’s ever-changing and cutting edge and more often than not, very obscure (think Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows). Big fashion houses from Gucci to Fendi have all created their own versions of the packs, and they are only going to get more popular as the year goes on. This is because of their versatility in that they can be ‘old school’ and worn on the hip or, alternatively, on trend and worn over your chest or waist.

On that note, while you think about dusting off your old bum bag from the attic, let’s celebrate that even if there are terrible stories on the news from around the world, we are always going to have fashion and its feel-good nature to bring a smile to our faces.

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