#FollowYourDesires Swarovski Summer Collection 2019

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#FollowYourDesires Swarovski Summer Collection 2019


Swarovski presents its brilliant, bright and fun Collection for Summer 2019 and #FollowYourDesires, the new claim of the campaign, digital-first, #FollowTheLight, evolution of the brand’s #BrillianceForAll positioning.

Drawing inspiration from the evocative localities of Portofino, Capri, Mykonos and Naxos, the collection is full of vibrant shades illuminated by the light of Swarovski crystals. The atmosphere that reigns is that of a sweet and irresistible sense of fun and rebellion; in the new
Swarovski’s summer campaign, a group of young women is looking for a more colorful, fun and lively lifestyle. Wearing the fun and extremely bright accessories of the collection, the women pursue their desires and chase after a van of ice creams, ready to start a new adventure.

Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin says of the new collection: “Summer is the ideal time to escape and to fully enjoy life. When the temperatures get hot, we cool off with a summer cruise, stopping from one island to another in the Mediterranean. We celebrate the creative spirit and brightness that distinguish the brand in amusing ways, from lively details in the form of ice cream to the brightest cocktails, to create a captivating collection that makes women feel bright and bright. “

The 2019 Summer Collection evokes summer memories and places jewelry and accessories that are easy to wear and surprisingly versatile, decorated with crystal pavé and Swarovski’s Pointiage® technique, at the center of the scene. In evidence we find the jewels of the No Regrets, Ocean, Oz and Only lines, which infuse everyday life with brilliance, with refined silhouettes, exclusive settings and symbols that blend with a contemporary palette of shades
strawberry red, baby pink, mint green, golden yellow and deep blue.

No Regrets offers a new and sparkling interpretation of summer delights, able to sweeten every look. Figurative designs with ice cream cones, sorbets, bananas and cocktails take on a more luxurious and infinitely more refined and glamorous tone thanks to the sophisticated silhouettes and colorful Swarovski crystals.

Ocean gives life to one of the most surprising accessories trends of the summer: the characters that populate the sea. Swarovski makes the lobster, crab and seahorse patterns shine with new light, while small shell-shaped charms bring good luck to the
travelers and bright clinks on bright bracelets and necklaces perfect to be superimposed.

The Ocean View line is absolutely trendy and offers a stylish touch to the summer wardrobe. At the center of the scene are long necklaces and earrings incorporating Swarovski crystal bead in pastel shades of pink and blue.

Oz is a new line with a light and fluid design, an ideal companion for sunny days and seasonal soirées, an elegant color combination of emerald green Swarovski crystals and golden hues. The key word is versatility, with wearable chain earrings
in six different and unexpected ways. And since the high-impact circles are undoubtedly the favorite earrings of the season, with the Only line, Swarovski takes the trend to the next level with oversized star-shaped circles.

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