A day with…Xenia Tchoumitcheva


A day with…Xenia Tchoumitcheva


Xenia is volcano of energy, she doesn’t stop a sec, you cannot define her, a single definition is not enough: model, entrepreneur, host and tv-host, financial and cultural journalist…Just to give you some info about her life: she was 1st runner up of Miss Switzerland and after few year she was the host of Miss Switzerland, on the cover of Maxim, got a university degree in Economics, she’s worked as a reporter for Us Haute Living magazine and she had a cultural column of the german magazine Monats Hefte.

Xenia is Swiss-Italian-Russian girl and she speaks 6 languages: italian, french, german, russian, english and spanish. She’s the manager of herself and if you look at what she achieved, you can tell she’s damn good manager. She created chicoverdose.com, a multi section magazine about her journey into the exploration of everything beautiful, aspirational and luxurious. And her discovery of success secrets and stories by the big leading figures of our time.

If you wanna see in the double role of host/journalist take a look at her tv serie “La Recette de Mon Succes” where she interviews personalities of the business world and asks them careeer and life advice. She’s based in London, her home is the world.

Here you have a Zoe exclusive and instagram-diary of a day with Xenia.

Let’s get connected with Xenia’s world!

her web magazine: www.chicoverdose.com

on facebook : www.facebook.com/xeniatchoumitcheva

on twitter: https://twitter.com/queenxenia

on instagram: http://instagram.com/queenxenia

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