Creative, elegant and worldly, the Leonard woman is heading to India this season, viewing air travel as a form of escapism. The destination is set, her journey begins.

On board, she will be wearing one of the outfits imagined by Christine Phung, something comfortable but still sophisticated and refined. The colours of Jaipur are already vibrant in her mind and in her wardrobe, with its tones reminiscent of semi-precious gems — like the one adorning her ring and hand-carved into an orchid, the floral emblem of Leonard Paris, preciously revisited by Guérin Joaillerie.

Enveloping silhouettes recall the curves of aircraft fuselages and the construction of kimonos, while layering playfully balances the elegance of a handsome overcoat with the ultimate comfort of a sweatshirt. In a nutshell, it’s about mixing and matching with a deft hand. Contrasts abound between styles and also materials — printed metallic double weave neoprint and the perennial silk jersey, but also printed holographic sequins and a surprising chalk stripe formed by the house’s name.

For the Leonard woman, dressed in a silk flight suit or a faux fur flight jacket in a Calcutta wool jacquard motif, the sky’s the limit. Even the life jacket gets a makeover in printed velvet, a witty reminder that she keeps her cool, and style, even in the event of an emergency.

The Fall-Winter 2019 collection of Leonard Paris is the hyphen between destinations, a moment captured in a world that moves at supersonic speed.

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