Stella McCartney launched IG campaign #ThereSheGrows


Stella McCartney launched IG campaign #ThereSheGrows


In view of the Winter 2019 fashion show, scheduled on March 4 in Paris, Stella McCartney has launched the #ThereSheGrows campaign on Instagram that involves many of the brand’s friends. The campaign aims to save the Leuser ecosystem in Indonesia. So far, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pink, Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon and Rooney Mara have joined the initiative, and still others will join Stella in order to raise public awareness of such an important cause.

As part of the initiative, the participants dedicate a tree to a loved one, explaining the reason for the choice and naming another person who will have to do the same using the hashtag #ThereSheGrows. These messages full of affection help to draw people’s attention to this ancient forest threatened by deforestation and uncontrolled development. Through the Stella McCartney Cares foundation, Stella will donate to Canopy, a non-profit environmental association, on behalf of campaign supporters, whose dedications represent a part of the forest that will be protected.

The aim of the campaign is to involve more and more people so that the initiative takes hold and collect further donations in favor of Canopy through the Stella McCartney Cares foundation page. Canopy is committed to protecting endangered forests around the world, and Stella McCartney Cares’ donation – along with all the funds provided overall – will help concretely protect the forests of Sumatra and support Canopy’s initiatives.

Also guests at the upcoming Winter 2019 fashion show by Stella McCartney have been invited to participate in the social media campaign and their support will be celebrated during the parade, which will take place on Monday morning in Paris. Stella launched the initiative in a video published on February 22nd on the Instagram channel of the homonymous brand, dedicating a tree to her mother Linda, naming Gwyneth Paltrow and asking everyone to participate.

“We can all accept the challenge and draw attention to this area that needs protection Our planet needs us … We need our planet … Helping the planet can be fun! the first step to continue on March 4th in Paris, where we will present a sustainable fashion in the name of one voice and one love “, explains Stella McCartney.

The ancient Sumatra rainforest covers an area of ​​6.5 million acres in Indonesia and is the only place in the world where rhinos, tigers, elephants and orangutans still live in nature. The forest is the habitat of the orangutan of Sumatra, currently in serious danger of extinction, as well as over 105 different species of mammals, 382 species of birds and 8,500 species of plants. 4 million people draw clean air, water and sustenance from this forest.

“Attracting the attention of the whole world to the enchanting Sumatra forest with the new #ThereSheGrows campaign, Stella McCartney has brought together international celebrities to protect this fairytale rainforest and the animals that inhabit it,” says Nicole Rycroft, founder and director of Canopy, on the initiative.

To learn more about the campaign, you can visit the Stella McCartney Cares foundation page or the Canopy website:

This initiative is yet another example of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The project will be coordinated by Stella McCartney Cares, a non-profit foundation that is part of the brand. Stella McCartney will continue to engage in sustainability and sustainable fashion through the brand itself and the foundation.

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