New designer to follow: Noor Shamma


New designer to follow: Noor Shamma


While there are many new designer brands making their debut in the new year, there is one brand that stands apart and that is the new Répertoire line introduced by artist and designer Noor Shamma. The concept is simpleand unquestionably profound. As human beings, we construct our own path and ideology. Artist Noor Shamma took this concept, combined with real-life events and created a truly stand-alone jewelry design that encompasses repetition. We individually each have our own patterns of repetition, and designer Noor Shamma takes this concept of bringing individuality in design to high fashion. And, her designs are nothing short of noteworthy of future runway shows.

“I have always been fascinated by motifs, patternsand architecture; and though I would have loved to be an architect; the math and physics simply were not my forté. However, I finally found a way around it,” said Noor Shamma, Founder and Designer. “I am very fortunate today to have the opportunity to create my own form of “wearable” architecture, through my meticulously crafted pieces, all while telling a story. My designs are resolute, consequential and robust.”

Executed to perfection, her brand articulates a harmonious rapport between classic and contemporary. Her inspirational references reflect the concept of unity in diversity through unique patterns and minimalist motifs. Each of her jewelry collections capture personal stories interwoven with art, identity, and emotion; and are expertly made by the most skilled artisans in New York City. The Répertoire line clearly speaks for itself, even at first glance. Her initial line consists of earrings and rings; however, customer reactions are truly unprecedented, as this line truly resonates with the any fine jewelry aficionado. These designs truly speak with the soul and the customer reaction itself has been that they do not want just one piece –but one of every color in the collection. With that being said, buyers beware, as the debut line will be unprecedently and expediently sold out, which is quite spectacular considering a new product launch.

“My jewelry collections are inspired by true events; events that have shaped me in one way or another, be it directly or indirectly,” said Noor Shamma, Founderand Designer. “Each jewelry piece feels personal and is an extension of who I am as a person. They have soul. They have a point of view. They have a story.”

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