The Attico girl runs through the city with her sports car for fw19


The Attico girl runs through the city with her sports car for fw19


We talk in the morning, she says.

Trotting on cone-shaped heels, wrapped in a metallic jacket with gigantic shoulders and pants tied by a bow to the ankle, the woman takes the elevator, goes out of the attic and runs through the city with her sports car. No, he does not need a driver. She is the owner of her life and accelerates, faster and faster. Comme a ouragan.

Fast, restless, unleashed. Here is the umpteenth evolution of the unstoppable Attic woman. Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini think it’s time to take her out of the muffled atmosphere of life in high places. After all, The Attic is a mindset: perfumed with hedonism, suffused with excess, sparkling all around. It is an ode to living well, in all its forms. The Attic, therefore, takes possession of the Garage Traversi: in the heart of the quadrilateral, a few steps from the main streets. Studying the place, the woman paws to go out and accelerate, but pauses for a moment, undecided about which of her vintage white cars suits her clothes, and her plans for the night. Of course, with her you never talk about a car, but of many cars, chosen with inexorable taste to accessorize anything else in her life. After all, he is a collector. Collect everything you like: adventures, clothes and, why not, cars. The desire to possess certain things electrifies it.

This season, the woman allows herself a new incursion in the excess of the eighties, between huge shoulders and metallic sparkles, and then sash belts, banana pants and boxy sweaters teeming with abstract jacquards. The risk is his, just like a touch of animalier and a fluctuar of feathers and sequins, and knows how to play: com a chevron blazer, top with flounces and spandex pants, for example, or in a rainbow coat paired with the mini . In a white dress with a sluggish slit, too; in the wave of fringes of crystals or covered with red flares while showing off the white boots high up to the thigh. The colors are pleased, the shoulders are pleasantly massive, the belts are invariably tight and the feet fit ankle boots, plateau or pointed sandals. The drama would not be drama, obviously, without long gloves and small handbags to complete the look. The woman is now ready to sin and have fun. Quick driving, in the night. Take it, who can.

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