3 reason why you have to know Astier de Villatte


3 reason why you have to know Astier de Villatte


Founded in 1996, Astier de Villatte has many facets:
An artisanal ceramics workshop in Paris, the sole of its kind, which employs and modernises 18th-century French manufacturing traditions and brings new life to the art of stamping.
A printing press in the suburbs of Paris, the last in France (and one of the last in the world) to use lead typesetting.
A publishing house, whose first publications include the atypical travel guide Ma Vie à Paris; Drawings, an art book by the multitalented artist Lou Doillon; and now a new edition of Mitsou by Balthus.
A perfume atelier where, in collaboration with the finest noses, colognes, cosmetics, incense and erasers are invented and a whole collection of scented candles is created around the theme of an olfactory world tour.
Two Parisian boutiques, on the Rue Saint-Honoré and Rue de Tournon, showcasing all the house’s creations, including titanium cutlery, borosilicate glasses, cube-motif notebooks created on a typographic press, as well as a dizzying selection of Christmas ornaments from around the world.


The SAIG printing press is one of the sole survivors of its kind, printing books with incredible Linotype machines and hot-lead typesetting, suffused with the indescribable scent of ink and paper. François Huin and his team of typographers print the Editions Astier de Villatte books as well as all Astier de Villatte stationery, packaging and labels.

The very minimalist Ma Vie à Paris and its flea-market supplement let loose! Both guides are inserted into an exuberant box set, illustrated on each side with a colourful photo montage.
Ma Vie à Paris and Ma Vie aux Puces have been comprehensively updated to give pride of place to creation, family craftsmanship, and all that is exceptional. Take the jewellers who have been selling antique rings for four generations and will repair jewellery on site. Or the plumber who is also an antiques dealer. The Potager du roi garden, which sells delicious produce three times a week at unbeatable prices. And cobblers who can magically restore your shoes in a workshop that has remained unchanged for a quarter of a century…

A dream of times past: next stop, Porte des Lilas. At the exit of the celebrated 20s metro station, the stairs bring the delighted voyager to alleys neatly bordered by pretty little houses, with mauve lilacs overflowing their garden fences. One is enraptured by the delicious and verdant fragrances, mixed here and there with puffs of rose and jasmine.

Exclusive, natural and pure, this candle contains no paraffin or other petrochemical by-products.

Vegetable wax candle, cotton wick. Contains essences of Italian bergamot, Madagascan ylang-ylang, Indian jasmine sambac, rose, heliotrope and musk. Candle designed with Alexandra Monet, Drom.


Photo by Sophie Delaporte

Created by Merrie Shinder, the American designer passionate about spectacular and antique lights, this exquisite chandelier, with a crystalline tinkle and thousands of pearls, tassels and flowers in glints of opaline and amber, is entirely made in Astier de Villatte’s Paris workshop.


In anticipation of warmer days the John Derian collection is enhanced by images of springtime: a vase with a lilac motif, a herb garden at the bottom of some plates, wild flowers scattered on small vases and a teapot proudly adorned with a phlox flower.




A dragon-gargoyle, shaped as a vase, welcomes the most delicate flowers with its wide open mouth. Vessel with multiple uses.


The happy collaboration with the artist and her universe of eclectic and wonderfully unusual objects continues.
The Cameo cup: two new Astier de Villatte white ceramic cups, decorated with cameo rings in the guise of handles, one set with pearls, the other simply set with gold. The bird box: this unique white ceramic jewel box holds in its hands a bird about to take flight.
The incense-holder hand: a ceramic hand holds a stick of incense between its fingers, the ashes fall onto the palm.




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