4 unmissable from Chanel Libre Collection 2018


4 unmissable from Chanel Libre Collection 2018


We have selected for you 4 “unmissable” from the Libre collection 2018. The COLLECTION LIBRE recall the Chanel world. In these annual collections, the graphic signatures and timeless codes of Madmoiselle are adopted as talismans and made contemporary. “By researching and analyzing the classic symbols of the Maison intensely I can give energy and a contemporary spirit to images and ideas” explains Lucia Pica

For Libre 2018 collection, Lucia Pica adopts the icon of the eon, loved by Gabrielle Chanel, as her talisman, capturing its greatness and emotional intensity.

  • Vernis Opulence
  • La palette caractère
  • Poudre – Le lion de Chanel
  • Rouge Allure Velvet n°5

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