Prada Presents a new perspective on urban cities with Cloudbust Landing 2

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Prada Presents a new perspective on urban cities with Cloudbust Landing 2


Prada continues to explore young urban culture in a dynamic Cloudbust Landing project. In collaboration with Photo Vogue, Prada chose three talented photographers, Kenta Nakamura, Shuwei Liu and Clara Nebeling, to reveal the identity of Cloudbust sneakers and the Urban Nature of three new cities – Fukuoka, Shanghai and London.

Each of three photographers was given a task to develop three visual stories, each narrated with a strong and recognisable style and mood: The Open City, The Intimate City and The City after Hours.

Set in Fukuoka, The Intimate City, captures a group of young friends in private urban spaces. Created by Kenta Nakamura, the video follows the friends as they appear in posed photos and casual candid shots. Here, Cloudbust sneakers burst onto the scenes with their neon colors, representing individuality in the big city.

The Open City, directed by photographer Shuwei Liu, takes an unusual underground approach in Shanghai, where a group of young friends roam public areas. The city, dwelling with strong urban and contemporary vibe, allows unconventional design of Cloudbust sneakers to stand out in the area of dynamic snapshots.

With The City After Hours, Clara Nebeling shifts focus to London, where reportage of images follow a group of friends exploring the city at night in underground moods, parks, all-night markets, clubs and rooftops. The lighthearted and fun mood relate to distinct design and vibrant fluorescent colors of Cloudbust sneakers, standing out against the dark cityscape.

Cloudbust Landing 2 is now available on and through Prada social media.