LOUIS VUITTON City Guide: The new Madrid destination and 10 updated cities


LOUIS VUITTON City Guide: The new Madrid destination and 10 updated cities


  Traveling and time issues nowadays have become an important part of modern life. People want everything fast and at the same moment, that is why many of companies is trying to find a right solution how to be helpful chosen of travelers.

Since 1998, Louis Vuitton has been sharing its unique perspective of the world through its City Guides which offer a hand-picked selection of addresses in each destination. Each guide includes the participation of a special guest contributor, who all speak from their personal experience in their home cities: a first person singular initiation to the city.”

In this edition Louis Vuitton presents new destination – Madrid and updated 10 cities which are already on its list, such a Bangkok, Chicago, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Shanghai and Venice.

Each city is presented by independent journalists and personalities from different perspectives. This year, photographers Françoise Huguier and Ouka Leele invite us to discover respectively Paris and the new destination of Madrid, the actor Jeff Goldblum accompanies us in Los Angeles and the artist Ding Yi shares his thoughts in Shanghai.

According to the latest trends and innovations, each guide points to the places you need to visit for any type of travelers. Directions, such a boutique hotels or majestic palaces, for the business travelers, gourmet restaurants and neighborhood bistros for food lovers. Popular markets and fine shops, shops antiques and design studios, museums and boutiques, monuments and secret places for architecture, art souls or just travelers who want to experience the city not as only a tourist but as a local.

The access to this Guide is also available in digital version as Louis Vuitton City Guide.
The application, available on iPhone or iPad, offers the entire city catalog and covers thousands of regularly updated addresses. Special collaborators, cultural events, expert advices, photographic portfolios are always updated and on live time.