5 best place to visit in Palermo during ” Le Vie dei Tesori”


5 best place to visit in Palermo during ” Le Vie dei Tesori”


By: Chiara Figueroa

The “Vie dei Tesori” is among the largest Italian festivals dedicated to the enhancement of the cultural, monumental and artistic heritage of the cities. Now in its twelfth edition, the Festival was born and developed in the city of Palermo, opening to the public with a guided tour over 400 places of artistic, historical and monumental interest, mostly closed and proposing more than 200 walks.
During the weekends of September and October, Sicily becomes a large, widespread museum that brings together the monumental and cultural heritage of over one hundred institutions, associations and organizations of excellence.


 Museo Internazionale delle marionette A. Pasqualino

Inside the “Antonio Pasqualino” International Marionette Museum it is possible to admire the richest collection of puppets, not only from Palermo, with round wooden heads and movable eyes, but also from Catania, of greater height and more rigid in the legs, and Neapolitans. Collected patiently and painstakingly authentic, are also exhibited puppets, animated figures, puppets, sets and stage equipment from different countries of the world: from France to Thailand, from Spain to Vietnam.

Le Stanze al Genio

Inside the eighteenth-century halls of Palazzo Torre Pirajno, in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, there is the “Stanze al Genio” House-Museum. In the charming and elegant rooms, a rich collection of ancient majolica tiles is exhibited. About five thousand exemplars of refined art from various periods, from the late fifteenth century to the early twentieth century. With the pleasant company of the owners, it is possible to make a journey through the history of the excellence of this type of craftsmanship, with a look at the techniques of recovery and restoration.

Casa Florio all’Olivuzza – Ordine degli Architetti

It is known as “Casa Florio all’Olivuzza” and was the residence of the famous entrepreneurs before the economic collapse, in the second half of the nineteenth century it was bought and inhabited by Ignazio and Franca Florio. Today it is the headquarters of the Order of Architects and hides splendid 19th-century halls, with frescoes and valuable decorations. You can also admire the terrace with a wrought iron loggia made by the historic Fonderia Oretea.

 Casina Cinese

This building with its loaves and shapes is the result of a passion for oriental taste that also infected King Ferdinand IV Bourbon and Queen Maria Carolina, fleeing from Naples, in 1798. The architect Giuseppe Marvuglia built the brick house, added pagodas , snail stairs, little bells in the railings and other exotic decorations. In the basement floor the ballroom, on the top floor the “mathematical table”, an original device that allowed the ups and downs of the dishes from the kitchens underneath.

Camera dello Scirocco di Fondo Micciulla


A scirocco chamber carved into the rock from which you can see the entrance to a qanat. Go down the steps and reached the natural seats, visitors can enjoy the coolness and observe the geological stratifications and the beautiful vegetation around.


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